USPROVGOV Organize your Neighborhood in response to the impending assault




OCTOBER 3, 2022

The decision of the Russian Federation to annex the Dombas region of the Ukraine, combined with the decision of the Ukraine to apply for membership in NATO, and for elements in the United Nations and other intergovernmental organizations to support this haphazard, dangerous and thoughtless action, has brought us to the edge of nuclear war, or at least that it’s the impression we are given.

We will not know the true story for decades. And although we are being fed multiple false, or incomplete, narratives, it is entirely possible that the globalists intend to use the threat of nuclear war as a means to enforce a new form of totalitarian governance everywhere that goes far beyond the COVID19 reign of terror. 

They may be cooperating with those who are branded as nationalists, or branded anti-globalists, cardboard messiahs like Trump or Putin, all working together to create a world on the edge, a world where anything goes.

Whatever performance the globalists and nationalists may put on to frighten us, the corporations and militaries around the world are playing footsie with each other: enemies at one level, silent partners at another.

They all know that once Russia and NATO move to a war economy, and a war command structure, the United States, and most every nation, will be drawn in and everything will be shut down.

At the same, Putin and Biden may be playing a game, and maybe their friends at the World Economic Forum told them that everything is under control. But once the military command system is put into play, it works like clockwork. Nuclear war may come in a few hours, even if the masterminds never intended it.

It may be a matter of days, weeks or months, but the system for governance, logistics, transportation, food and energy supplies, information (journalism) and education, medical treatment, even housing and clothing, will break down.    

The last seventy years of easy living, of dependency on a money economy, of reliance on the Federal government and multinational corporations, has left most of us without the ability to produce food, clothing, furniture, or much of anything at all, on our own.

The current collapse, with or without world war, will be far worse than the fall of the Soviet Union.

Trust no one, but start to build relations of profound trust. Start with your family, extend a hand to your neighbors, and reach out bravely to like-minded people across the nation.

First and foremost, we must abandon all the false narratives about cardboard messiahs saving us that the corporate media has planted in our heads—and much of the alternative media that we rely on is also, ultimately, corporate.

We must rebuild the government from ground up. It is so corrupt, so broken, so contradictory, and so suicidal that in its present form it cannot lead us anywhere but towards the grave.

Putting a nice guy at the top, even if that were possible, will not stop this death march.

The only option is to create a legitimate government from the bottom up; we must start from your family members, from your neighbors, from your local government and only then work our way up. Once we control our own minds, our own families, and we are able to make our own decisions without being fed the mind-numbing trash, flavored conservative or progressive, called news, then we can build a real government, a real economy, and a real culture that grows from the people, and that has nothing to do with supercomputers or multinational investment banks.  

This directive is meant to instruct you as to what you need to do now in coordination with the US Provisional Government so as to prepare for the initial shock and awe.

This directive is meant to start the process of organizing, beginning with your family, to create sustainable local communities that can supply food, water, housing, and other necessities in the face of systemic breakdown.

We will not be able to assist you during the initial stage; we can only offer directives. However, that approach is preferable as self-sufficiency is the only manner in which we can restore legitimate governance.

We will need entirely new systems that are run in a transparent manner by the people—with no global capital involved, for food production, water supply, energy supply, distribution, information and education, and housing.

Remember, there will not be a real government until you and your neighbors build one with your own hands. That “government” that you see out there today has become a criminal syndicate; it is not a government any more.

We have been offered a false choice by the bankers. They say we most chose between the government and the private sector. That false choice is the same in Washington and Paris, in Berlin and Moscow, in Tokyo and Beijing. That “private sector” means global capital, the banks and corporations, that run this broken system.

That is to say that the private sector is the same as the government but worse. The private sector is run by the rich in a totalitarian manner for their own benefit.

Rebuilding government means making it clear that the relationship must be between the government and the people, the community, to which the government is ultimately responsible.

What will happen next

A partial shutdown of the economy and of the functions of government, civil society and business is already in effect. That is only the beginning. Plans are in place for a complete shutdown, perhaps using the threat of nuclear war, or some other catastrophe, as an excuse to push through martial law, to isolate the citizens, to allow corporations to completely control all means of finance, production, distribution and sales, and to create complete dependency on government and on multinational corporations for the basics of life.  

Basic principles

Attitude is essential. We must be spiritually and psychologically strong and we must overcome fear, irrational fear of the unknown. They will use hyped-up fear, terror, as the tool to control us—as they already have done with numerous fake school shootings, contrived racial attacks, and other incidents intended to convince us that the enemy is our neighbor who has different habits, and not the rich who wish to destroy us all. Divide, rule, and destroy is not just a strategy, it is now the only strategy.

We must quickly establish a healthy culture, which means overcoming the negative popular culture forced on us by the corporations, notably, the cult of the self, narcissism, the throw-away culture of consumption and waste, and the trap of emotional manipulation through gender and ethnic branding that is meant to destroy our personal autonomy.   

That means a return to real values, real love, real family, and real responsibility to the community. It means moving away from the individual as the focus and embracing values like frugality and honesty.

We must look out for our families first as we prepare for a total systemic collapse. At the same time, we must have a strong sense of community so that we are ready to help each other, and to take risks for each other, when the situation demands it.

If we try to just save ourselves, we will not survive.

We need to identify who has what skills in our neighborhood, and what his or her role will be when the system breaks down.

Who has skills as a farmer, a doctor, a negotiator, a teacher, an organizer, a carpenter, a moral leader, etc.? Money is not the important factor in making these plans because money can very quickly have little value if the authority of public institutions dissolves, or if banks are shut down.

Having money in cash may be valuable, but it may be even better to buy things necessary for survival. Do so in coordination with others so we do not duplicate everything.

There should be two parts of our response which must undertaken simultaneously. First there must be an immediate response to the shutdown: stockpiling food and supplies, purchasing tools and objects with real value, and forming plans with friends and neighbors for how we can pool resources, reduce waste, change habits, and form a community quickly.

Second, we need a long-term program for sustainable agriculture, creating local manufacturing, and forming communities that are self-sufficient, communities wherein the means of production, distribution and consumption are controlled by the people in a democratic manner, much in the sense envisioned in the United States at the time of the signing of the Constitution. When everything else collapses, those local groups will become everything.

Self-sufficiency over months and years will require a major shift in our thinking about ourselves and our community. They will take time and careful planning. That part is not simply about surviving on food you have hoarded. Hoarding in itself will not protect you if everyone is a hoarder. We need a community.  

The biggest challenge will be talking with your family about the crisis honestly and making a plan together. If you can do that, you are already halfway to the solution.

Next, snap out of denial! Overcome your shyness and start to discuss these matters seriously with your neighbors. The culture fed to us by television and movies encourages in us an obsession with personal needs and discourages the building a community. This poisonous culture must be exposed and driven out.

What you need to know:

The SAT test never asks you how to make water potable, how to create your own compost for your garden, which local plants are edible, or how to raise chickens. That is no accident. The multinational corporations want you to be dependent on what they supply and lacking in self-sufficiency. They are counting on this crash to bring you to your knees.

There are various manuals that can be bought, or downloaded, that can teach you how to compost, to farm, to raise animals, to purify water, to build your own home or furniture, to sew clothes, etc. Get these materials and study them. See how you can reduce your expenses through self-sufficiency rather than scrambling to get more money.

Money may disappear, or it may be reduced to digital currencies that can be cancelled, or made conditional, at any time. Barter and trust are critical to create economies that are not dependent on money. Eventually we can establish our own revolutionary currency based on real value.

We have been suckered into dependency on fossil fuels that are destructive to the environment through a long process over one hundred years. Reducing the use of energy, unnecessary travel, and other wasteful behavior can be transformative. Sharing resources, and working to create water mills, install good old fashioned wind mills, set up solar energy (and the best form of solar energy is using the sun to grow plants we eat), and manual labor will make us stronger and more independent.

That means learning new skills—actually old skills—and it means rejecting the growth cult. Build houses that will last for a hundred years, weave pants that will last for fifty years, and you will find that we do not need that much, that we are free for the first time. Teach yourself and your children to read, and to talk about the deep truths in the great books, and you will be liberated.

We must create our own logistics and distribution systems that are independent of the current import, logistics, distribution, sales monopoly run by multinational corporations. Breaking the control of global finance on what we buy is critical for survival.

We need to create our own networks to get out reliable news and analysis to family, friends, and neighbors. If necessary it can be done by word of mouth, printed documents, even hand-written notes. In some cases, the internet can be an effective medium, but increasingly the Internet is not our friend and if there is no electricity, there will be no Internet.

We need to teach our own children, and our neighbors’ children, and to teach ourselves, through a new educational system that is based in science and in ethical principles that go beyond the culture of narcissism.  

Local governance based on the Constitution, and the great moral teachings of the past, one that involves citizens gathering to resolve difficult issues through meaningful debate and transparent policy proposals, will be critical.

We must deal with difficult questions like ownership. Obviously the land bought up by multinational corporations with fake money does not belong to them. But we must have a consistent policy concerning how that land is owned and administered, how it is farmed and how the food produced is shared. The banks and corporations clearly do not have any legitimate claim of ownership but we must set up logical and just definitions of what possession means to avoid chaos.

That process will require us to face the massive class conflicts that haunt our country, conflicts between us, conflicts and contradictions that have been covered over with identity politics by the left and with the hyping issues like illegal immigration by the right.

The problem of security

The fake declaration that a nuclear war has started may be accompanied by the use of 5G, or robots and drones, to attack citizens. These are real threats from within and we must be prepared.

The dangers of a shock and awe attack meant to completely demoralize and confuse us are high—but every one of these threats can be responded to if we are level headed, organized and committed to the cause.

It is a sad fact of history that we are always preparing to fight the last war. This next war will play out according to unfamiliar rules. The principles of war, however, are unchanging.

Safety first! But it is a mistake to start swinging your sword if you do not know who your enemy is.

Our enemies have gone to great length to cover their tracks, to hide behind those cardboard messiahs.

Let us start with our food, our water, our soil, and our air.

We will need to establish our own systems to assess the quality of air, of soil, of food, and of water, without relying on corporate or government controlled organizations. We must defend the quality of air and water because they are essential to life and they are under attack.

At the beginning, we cannot shoot down the planes engaged in geoengineering; we cannot stop low-orbit military satellites.

Yet, do not despair!

If we build up our network from the bottom up, one based on mutual support and mutual respect, eventually we will be able to reach to the heavens.  

We must take down all the 5G towers that are used to assault our bodies, and our minds, using electromagnetic radiation. As those 5G networks are supposedly private property owned by Verizon, ATT, or others, this operation requires preparation. We need to explain to citizens, and to anyone who asks, or who challenges us, why the money used to build those towers was fake and why the organizations running 5G networks are criminal syndicates working to destroy us.

Such arguments will be difficult at first, but I have complete confidence that as things get worse, those arguments will eventually carry the day. Go forth with confidence.

Attacks by drones and robots are also entirely possible, especially if martial law is declared in response to a nuclear war, real or fabricated. There are ways to defend ourselves against these weapons, and to dismantle them. The first step is to talk with each other honestly and to start brainstorming.

The military, the intelligence community, and the police

It is a sad fact that the collapse of our civilization, and the profound corruption that has spread through all parts of the body politic, have rendered the organizations that are supposed to be concerned with safety and security as criminal syndicates that use their authority and supposed legitimacy to push through projects that benefit the few by destroying us.

Many an honest military officer, or police officer, has been destroyed in secret by the globalists, or forced to do terrible things in response to horrible threats.

The situation seems overwhelming, but it is far from hopeless. We have faced such challenges before in human history and once a serious discussion starts outside of banal consumer culture, real leaders with real solutions will emerge.

We have complete faith that a way forward will become manifest once we know the truth and that truth sets us free.

If you are a member of the police, of the military, or of intelligence, a man or woman who has a conscience, who cares about the Constitution and the rule of law, who is concerned about whether your children will survive, please allow me to make a suggestion.

Look around and see if you can identify others who have similar concerns. See if you can form a space in which you can speak with colleagues honestly, and assess what is going on accurately, a space wherein you can discuss what needs to be done. If you can create such a space, you have made tremendous progress.

Do not be concerned about whether it is two people, or a hundred people. Numbers are not important at this moment.

If you must take action that seems ineffective, do not be discouraged. Every single act of resistance, every effort to dismantle the rule of our nation by global capital, makes a real difference, even if it is not immediately visible.

Your historic contributions may not be recognized for decades. That is how history works. Those seeking immediate fame and glory are not to be trusted.

We must work for the country, for our children, but also for the children of others.

Your training in security matters is not so valuable in a government run by billionaires. You are slated for destruction sooner or later. There can be no doubt about that.

But among the citizens, your understanding could be a matter of life and death. You are desperately needed by the nation.

Finally, the United States of America is founded on the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. If the government rejects that contract between the people and the institutions empowered to use force, to effect the economy, then it is no longer a “government” but rather a criminal syndicate. If we are loyal to the people, follow the word and the spirit of the Constitution, are ethical in accord with natural law, we are the government, even if we are but a handful of people.

Our influence will expand exponentially as the crisis enters the next stage.

Back to the citizens of our nation.

Please contact the United States Provisional Government at any time if you have questions or suggestions. You are the ones who will lead and I have complete confidence that real leaders will emerge. They will not come from Harvard or Google. They may come from humble backgrounds, but they will be remarkable in every sense. What happens to me is totally, totally unimportant.

The United States Provisional Government is not here to offer you a service. That undemocratic concept of government as a service was promoted by corporations as a means of enslaving us.

We are here to help you organize into a community that will serve the role of governance from the ground up. The age of dependency on the Federal Government and on multinational corporations is over.

What was COVID 19?

What was COVID19?

Emanuel Pastreich

September 23, 2022

As we survey the wreckage that was our civilization, as we are pushed and shoved by our fellow citizens now reduced to waves and waves of the zombie apocalypse, we are forced to ask ourselves the big question. We see how friends and family remain in denial about this vaccine war, about World War V. We see silent mothers walking with limping children through a fog of denial. We forced to ask ourselves what exactly was this COVID 19?

The answer is as clear as it is damning. COVID 19 was like the fall of the Roman empire, but run at hyper-speed on a bank of supercomputers and broadcast over 5G.

Covid 19 was a pandemic of cowardice, a pandemic of hypocrisy, a pandemic of ignorance and decadence, a pandemic of collaboration, a pandemic of horrific betrayal; in a nutshell, COVID 19 was a pandemic of evil that makes the blood run cold.































































































贝一明 Emanuel Pastreich





































Emanuel’s reading of “Money is No Mystery”

Emanuel’s reading of “Money is No Mystery”

September 9, 2022

I have taking the risky step of referring to the speech of Charles Coughlin in my recent writings. Coughlin was the most trenchant critic of President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal, after he had come out as an early supporter. Although Coughlin’s later writings are problematic, and at some points disturbing, it is not accurate to say he was simply an American fascist. I suspect there is an agenda behind that argument as well.

That someone like myself with Jewish ancestry who sees great value in the Jewish tradition, would see value in Coughlin also suggests that dismissing him as rabid anti-Semite is overly simplistic, even destructive  

Coughlin speech, “Americanism, Neither Nazism Nor Communism” (1939) is most certainly not a model for us, but it does suggest an effort to address the problems of global finance that Roosevelt was afraid to take on.

I would like to read for you a slightly shortened version of Coughlin’s speech of 1934, “Money is no Mystery,” a speech that inspired my series of speeches on the topic of money and led me to the conclusion that we cannot simply go back to the New Deal to find solutions to today’s crisis because the shortcomings of the New Deal in addressing the axis of global finance that ties New York together with London are the very source of today’s financial, social, and civilizational collapse.

As a product myself of Harvard and Yale, I want to make sure that it is perfectly clear that I represent the Franklin D. Roosevelt who held up the responsibility of the intellectual, of those who have privileged backgrounds, to serve the people, but that I cannot endorse his refusal to give up his ties to the bankers and industrialists of Wall Street which undermined the true potential of the New Deal. I hope I can be a true traitor to my class and offer a true “New Deal” to all Americans, to all citizens of the Earth.

Unlike Roosevelt, I was ready to be dismissed from my job, to be driven out of Washington D.C., and to be impoverished for my critiques of the deep corruption within my country.

Unlike Roosevelt, I was ready to lose all my ties to colleagues at Yale and Harvard if that was what it took to fight for true social justice. When push comes to shove, I stand with you, not with the bankers and billionaires. I am not interested in any backroom deals to protect myself from their wrath.

“Money is no Mystery”



Charles E. Coughlin

December 30th, 1934

We, in America, have one choice, namely, to construct a new system founded upon social justice. Still, withal, those who prospered most and produced least under the old system are battling fiercely to maintain their privileges and their functions of legislation.

Certainly, during this coming year and the years immediately following, we will witness the total dissolution of modern capitalism. It is advisedly that I use the adjective “modern,” because capitalism, as we knew it in the past twenty or thirty years, differs substantially from the capitalism which was originally conceived. Today it is more renowned for its vices than for its virtues.

Those who are fighting so relentlessly to preserve its poverty-breeding corpse refuse to face the pressing problem of squaring production with distribution. They are those who, during the coming years, will continue to oppose the restoration to Congress of its right to coin and regulate the value of money.

They still believe that the debts of the farmer, of the merchant, of the municipality, of the state which were incurred through the operation of an insane credit inflation, of manufactured bookkeeping money, should be paid back to them in honest currency which does not exist.

That we will refuse to suffer this financial domination any longer is certain. This form of capitalism, now a corpse, demands at least, an honorable burial.

As for modern democracy it has degenerated into a system whereby two political parties, under the leadership of the bankers and the banker-controlled industrialists, so manipulate conventions and elections and so control, either directly or indirectly, the majesty of the state that there is too little democracy and too much plutocracy.

Against all these systems – unspeakable communism, philosophic socialism, dictatorial Fascism, decadent capitalism, controlled democracy and modern plutocracy – there stands an economic system known as social justice. Seeking no compromise, enticing no man by vain promises, it writes down a platform for today, with principles of truth, of justice, of humanity as the Jews of old had them in their codes, as Jesus taught them on the Mount: Justice to the laborer, justice to the farmer, justice to the property owner, justice to all!

Social justice regards man and his family, not as chattel of the state, but regards the state as the servant of its citizens.

Finally, the philosophy of social justice teaches us that the earth is to be apportioned for our maintenance, according to our merits, in such a manner that he who gains ownership of any property cannot use that property contrary to the common good.

This program of social justice does not militate against the Constitution of the United States in any degree. It does, however, oppose the misinterpretation given to that Constitution by the international bankers who have written laws for their own selfish purposes.

At times our bankers extended credit until it became an inflated balloon that could do nothing else but burst. And at all times, with only their billion dollars of real currency on deposit, they loaned this extra twenty or thirty or forty billions of dollars of stage money, of fiction money, at five or six or seven per cent, making a billion dollars in profit even in a poor year.

Bankers, as a class, have proven themselves greedy. They can no more escape that qualification than can a tiger escape being called vicious. Their very nature demands that they be greedy.

Now it is very well for the banker to start his printing press. But at the moment a student of banking and of monetary reform brings the facts to his attention, the banker and his kept press yells out, “Stop, thief!” 

The printing press money is the banker’s money. It is his currency. He owns this prerogative. That is why the Baruchs, the Warburgs, the Morgans, and the Mellons, the Federal Reserve bankers and every white-carnation-bedecked banker in America sees red if the bankers’ racket is interfered with.

That is why they scamper up the steps of the White House, and into the cloakrooms of Congress, if anyone dares suggest that the sovereign people of the United States recapture their power over money which originally was placed squarely in the hands of Congress by the Constitution.

A banker is not a producer. He is a leech who lives upon the artistry, the labor, and the scientific development of others. He is in business with his prerogative of manufacturing money through an act of Congress and through the grace of a printing press and fountain pen. His business is eventually to get that which he did not create.

Do you wonder, then, that depressions have been decreed by bankers?

What matters it to them if fifteen million men be idle, if factories close, if commerce freezes, if dire and abject poverty be the lot of the multitude in this land of plenty! Their racket must continue – a sordid, vicious racket that poisons the very life blood of the nation.

What if there is less banking business to be done in the days of depression – they care not! Because, aside from the ordinary loans which they make to ordinary citizens, they still continue to make money on the interest-bearing government bonds which they possess. At least $20-billion of these bonds are in the bankers’ vaults.

And many of those bonds where were issued by the government to dress the boys of 1916 in khaki, to pump murder into their hearts, to feed them hardtack, and to prepare them to become fodder on the battlefields of France.

Bloody bonds which were used for destructive purposes! Criminal bonds which they expect you and me to redeem for the privilege of their having made a slaughter house of this world!

What care they for depressions as long as these bloody bonds continue to drip their malignant poison upon the prosperity of a misunderstanding people!

We are subject to panics, to man-made panics, the greatest of all occurring after the establishment of the privately owned Federal Reserve Banking system which, in the preamble of its charter, practically guaranteed this nation freedom from panics.

They made their runs on the people and captured the real wealth of the nation!

Shall we permit this system to continue, this system of private banking which creates depressions and cashes in on bloody bonds?

(redacted version of the speech)

Reading of Huey Long’s “Every Man a King” speech

September 9, 2022

Emanuel Pastreich

Comments on Huey Long’s
“Every Man a King” speech

Huey Long was the main political challenger to the New Deal policies of the Roosevelt administration after it failed to deliver its promised relief to Americans in the first years of the administration (which Long had initially supported). Long launched his “Share Our Wealth Society” as governor of (and later senator from) Louisiana. He transformed that backwards state into a space for remarkable social and economic innovation aimed at the working man and he made efforts to address racial discrimination that others (like Roosevelt) dared not.

Long delivered a series of powerful speeches in 1934 and 1935 that moved the nation as he prepared to run for president as an independent, not dependent on the Democratic or Republican Parties.

Long was assassinated on September 10,1935, just as he started to achieve significant political impact. That murky incident was most likely planned and carried out by those representing global finance in New York and London who feared his calls to redistribute the wealth, not as a communist ideological movement, but in accord with the teachings of the New Testament and the principles of the Constitution. That argument had such a broad appeal, and had such a convincing internal logic, that it spread like wildfire across the country.

Although I most certainly do not support all of Long’s policies, he offers much that we cannot ignore.

I feel that Long’s critiques are essential for us to consider as we try to understand how today’s crisis is a product of the failures of the New Deal.

Roosevelt was forced to address social injustice directly because of the powerful criticisms he received from Huey Long and from Charles Coughlin through his social justice movement.

Roosevelt also received justified criticism from the American Communist Party which cited examples from the Soviet Union of how that country had avoided the worst of the depression through the use of a planned economy and the creation of a collectivist economy.

These three powerful critiques pushed Roosevelt away from his Harvard pals and wealthy patrons and made him truly a “traitor to his class” for the purpose of his political survival.

Moreover, it was the failure of the New Deal to address the contradictions of the Federal Reserve that led us to where we are today. If we do not look at the proposals of Long and Coughlin, we cannot solve the problems we face today.

Dismissing them as fascists is simply not accurate or productive.


Huey P. Long

“Every Man a King”

February 23, 1934

I contend, my friends, that we have no difficult problem to solve in America, and that is the view of nearly everyone with whom I have discussed the matter here in Washington and elsewhere throughout the United States—that we have no very difficult problem to solve.

It is not the difficulty of the problem which we have; it is the fact that the rich people of this country—and by the rich people I mean the super-rich—will not allow us to solve the problem, or rather the one little problem that is afflicting this country, because in order to cure all of our woes it is necessary to scale down the big fortunes, that we may scatter the wealth to be shared by all of the people.

How many of you remember the first thing that the Declaration of Independence said? It said, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that there are certain inalienable rights for the people, and among them are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness;” and it said, further, “We hold the view that all men are created equal.”

Now, what did they mean by that? Did they mean, my friends, to say that all men were created equal and that means that any one man was born to inherit $10 billion and that another child was to be born to inherit nothing?

Did that mean, my friends, that someone would come into this world without having had an opportunity to have one lick of work, that another should be born with more than what all of his children and his children’s children could ever dispose of, but that another man would have to be born into a life of starvation?

That was not the meaning of the Declaration of Independence when it said that all men are created equal.

Nor was it the meaning of the Declaration of Independence when it said that they held that there were certain rights that were inalienable—the right of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Do we have that right of life, my friends, when the young children of this country are being reared into a sphere which is more owned by 12 men than it is by 120 million people?

Is that, my friends, giving them a fair shake of the dice, or anything like the inalienable right of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, or anything resembling all people created equal; when we have today in America thousands, and hundreds of thousands, and millions of children on the verge of starvation in a land that is overflowing with too much to eat and too much to wear?

I do not think you will contend that, and I do not think for a moment, that they will contend it.

Now let us see if we return this government to the Declaration of Independence and see if we can do anything about it.  Why should we hesitate, or why should we quibble, or why should we quarrel with one another to find out what the difficulty is, when we know the Lord told us what the difficulty is, and Moses wrote it out so a blind man could see it, and then Jesus told us all about it, and it was later written up in the Book of James, so everyone could read it.

I refer to the Scriptures, now, my friends, and give you what it says not for the purpose of convincing you of my wisdom, not for the purpose of, ladies and gentlemen, of convincing you that by quoting the Scripture I am to be more believed than someone else; no, I quote you the Scripture, or rather refer you to the Scripture, because whatever you see there you may rely upon.      

The Scripture says, ladies and gentlemen, that for a country to survive it is necessary that we keep the wealth scattered among the people, that nothing should be held permanently by any one person., and that fifty years should be the year of jubilee in which all property is scattered about and returned to the sources from which it originally came, and every seventh year, the debt shall be remitted.

We have in America today more wealth, more goods, more food, more clothing, more houses than we have ever had. We have everything in abundance here.

We have the farm problem, my friends, because we have too much cotton, because we have too much wheat, and have too much corn, and too many potatoes.

We have a home-loan problem because we have too many houses, and yet nobody can buy them or live in them.

We have trouble, my friends, in the country because we have too much money owing; this is the greatest indebtedness that has ever been given to civilization.

It has been shown that we are incapable of distributing actual things because the people do not have money enough to purchase them, and because the greed of a few men is such that they think it necessary to own everything.

Their pleasure consists in the starvation of the masses, and in possessing things they cannot use, and that their children cannot use. Still they bask in the splendor of sunlight and wealth, casting darkness and despair, and impressing that image on everyone else.

I am going to tell you what the wise men of all ages and all times, down even to the present day, have all said: that you must keep the wealth of the country scattered, and you must limit the amount that any one man can own.

You cannot let any man own $300 billion or $400 billion. If you do, one man can own all of the wealth that the United States has in it.

Now, my friends, if you were off on an island where there were one hundred lunches, you could not let one man eat up the hundred lunches, or take the hundred lunches and not let anybody else eat any of them. If you did, there would not be anything left for most people to consume.

So, we have in America today, my friends, a condition wherein ten men dominate the means in at least 85 percent of your activities. They either own directly everything, or they have got mortgage on it, excepting a very small percentage.

They own the banks, they own the steel mills, they own the railroads, they own the bonds, they own the mortgages, they own the stores, and they have chained the country from one end to the other until there is not any business that a small, independent man could go into today and make the money to buy an automobile with.

They have finally, gradually and steadily, eliminated everybody from the fields in which there is a living to be made, and still they want to get even more business out of it.

If you reduce a man to the point where he is starving to death, bleeding and dying, how do you expect that man to get hold of any money to spend? It is not possible.

How do you expect people to live, when the wherewithall cannot be had?

If I were in their place tonight, the place where millions are, I hope that I would have the fortitude to praise and to honor my government here in this land with too much to eat and too much to wear. But many starve in order that a handful of men can have more that they can ever eat, or they can ever wear.

Now, we have organized a society, and we call it the “Share Our Wealth Society,” a society with the motto, “Every man a king.”

Every man a king means that there will be no such thing as a man or woman who does not have the necessities of life, that no one will be dependent upon the whims and caprices of the financial giants for a living.

What do we propose by this society?

We propose to limit the wealth of big men in the country.

(redacted version of the speech)




贝一明 Emanuel Pastreich









































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Emanuel’s Four Speeches “Money is no Mystery”

These four speeches on the nature of money were delivered in September, 2022 to assert the true nature of the current financial crisis in its proper historical context.

“The Origins of the Money Crisis”

Money is no Mystery

Part One

Emanuel Pastreich

September 3, 2022

That pretty printed paper in your wallet, that stuff called money, where does it come from? What gives it value, and why can you buy things with it? The question is not an idle one, nor is it a cynical one, but rather ultimately practical. And yet, this essential question is never asked by the authorities who lecture us on economics, nor the politicians who grace us with their precious opinions from their gilt offices.

That is to say that even though the media brainwashes us into believing that money is the most important thing in the world, money itself can never be a topic for discussion.

The problem of money is an old one. The current crisis of money is a crisis of value, a crisis in which our money is cut down, eviscerated, and slaughtered before our very eyes by an invisible butcher called inflation, in a secret ritual whereby money is printed up by the Federal Reserve, using black magic, and then doled out to the rich and to the banks for free.

As we enter final horrific stage of this travesty, we will be forced to switch to digital currencies that are controlled by unaccountable powers at the Federal Reserve, powers who will turn off the money in our wallets, or freeze our accounts, or seize our money for taxes, or for fines, at their whim.

When banks print up money to buy stocks, or pay off the debts of the rich, the money in your pocket, in your savings account, decreases in value proportionally. In short, the rich are stealing your money by diluting it while you sleep. They call this theft “inflation,” implying that money becomes worth less following some natural principle. Inflation is, according to them, a natural disaster, like an earthquake or a typhoon, like a flood or a drought.

This fiction about money and value is backed up by the authoritative musings of the pay-to-play experts. But they all know that the money in your bank did not become less valuable because of an act of God. It was crushed when the banks cranked out trillions of dollars to buy worthless stock, to purchase useless weapons, to buy up farmland so that you will pay more for food, to buy up housing so that you will pay more for rent.

We cannot understand the current money crisis unless we consider the process by which we got here over the past hundred years.

Specifically, it was the establishment of the Federal Reserve on December 23, 1913 that started this downhill path. Although we needed a national bank accountable to the Congress and to the people, one in which money was created and regulated by the government in a transparent manner in accord with the Constitution, we ended up with a system wherein private banks have the final say over fiscal policy.

Sadly, the crafty and devious banker J. P. Morgan, and not visionaries like our founding fathers, put together the system that regulates money, that serves as the heart of the nation’s economy.

Although the system worked, the poison slowly spread through the body politic over the next century as the private banks used their control of money to bribe (that is to say, “to lobby”) congressmen, presidents, professors, journalists, and all other authority figures to endorse this system, thereby leading the cow to the slaughterhouse.

Ultimately, the fiscal policies of the United States, the creation, distribution, and the determination of the value of money, are determined by private bankers, or by government officials at the Department of the Treasury were raised by the banks, and are loyal to them, not to the people.

There was a period, from the 1930s to the 1970s, when the Federal Reserve was relatively well administered. Government officials were aware of the dangers of unregulated global finance and they benchmarked efforts to control capital in Europe, and even in the socialist block. But the corrupt and unconstitutional nature of this false national bank never really changed: it sought to toss off the flimsy chains put on it during the New Deal, and it reared its ugly head again in the 1990s.

When the banks discovered that their secret takeover met almost no opposition in a decadent passive society, they decided to seize control of not only the economy, but of politics, of education, of medicine, and of culture in 2020.

Men and women of conscience abandoned the federal government like rats from a sinking ship.

But let us go back to the value of money. Money was backed by gold in 1879. That meant that in theory you could redeem your dollar bill for gold, and on occasion people did so. But when the entire edifice of government and the economy collapsed in the great depression, President Franklin D. Roosevelt, on June 5, 1933, ended the gold standard and placed in its stead the authority of the federal government.

Although this move made sense in light of the horrific economic crisis, and the fact that the rich controlled all the gold, the result was that the dollar was no longer tied to anything but the impression that the government had authority. That is to say that the nature of money became ideological.

Yes, a tentative relationship between the dollar and gold was established again after the Federal Reserve had amassed a significant amount of gold, but that relationship was tangential. The citizen could not simply demand that his or her dollars be redeemed in gold, and even that tie was severed permanently by President Richard Nixon in 1971.

The move away from gold, from any concrete object that gave value to the slips of paper in your wallet, created a fiat currency, as it is called, and such an untethered money had a malign impact on American society, granted that the changes were so slow as to be imperceptible.

During the 1930s, the depression, the federal government printed up money to help pay those who had been impoverished by the collapse of the speculative economy.

Economic recovery for the working men and women was successful, but in a limited sense. The new role of the Federal government, the projects for electrification and road building, had a mixed impact on our society.

On the one hand, life became easier, and more convenient, and for some it was healthier. The poor were, for the first time, treated as citizens when programs like social security and welfare offered them real protection against the terrible poverty that has haunted the working man since time immemorial.

This approach to economics, to money, was deeply influenced by the experiments carried out in the Soviet Union in the 1920s, and it had real merits.

But there was a price to be paid for this solution.

The resulting New Deal was a compromise that brought change, but that demanded citizens give up economic, organizational, and intellectual independence. Our citizens came to rely on large organizations like federal government, and then later on multinational corporations—which essentially function as governments.

The small farmer in 1930 was largely independent in terms of money, energy, food, and the other necessities of life. They were many who met their needs without much interaction with banks or with government. The nation had been founded by leaders who felt that such independent self-sufficient farmers were the key to long-term democracy—a vision we should have held to.

Our citizens grew vegetables and animals for food, and could preserve that food for the winter. They produced energy from windmills, water mills, horses, and good old fashioned manual labor without depending on utility corporations, or multinational oil companies. They despised companies like Standard Oil that tried to make Americans dependent on petroleum.

Our citizens knew how to gather medicinal herbs and to treat health conditions without hospitals. They made their own furniture, bought iron tools from neighbors who forged it, or borrowed items from each other when required. Money was not critical to that economy, nor was consumption; chairs were made to last for a 100 years, dresses woven to last for 40 years. Frugality was a virtue.

The New Deal helped those devastated by the banks, but it demanded integration into a money economy run by the government, and specifically by the Federal Reserve, which remained under the control of the private banks who were just itching to toss off their reigns.

When the economy improved after the Second World War, and especially when Americans became dependent on government and corporations in the 1970s, the private banks starting making up the rules for money again, and buying off the supposed regulators.

Politicians will never suggest that we form cooperatives and establish our own local currencies, that we build a local economy that has no need for multinational banks or factory farms, no dependence on monopolistic logistics and distribution systems, no ties to marketing and sales gimmicks, nothing to do with the tools by which corporations mean to bleed us dry.

Almost all transactions today are carried out in the money controlled by the Federal Reserve, that is to say, money controlled by multinational corporations and banks, and the super-rich who hide behind them.

Moreover, as impressive as it may be that the dollar is the global currency, that means that any number of global banks and shifty billionaires around the world are interested in the dollar, not because they care about Americans, but because they wish to squeeze even more profit out of it.

You may be able to vote for a politician, and maybe your vote will be counted. But when it comes to the value of money, or to access to money, the United States is a dictatorship. The Department of the Treasury, the Federal Reserve, and the congressional committees overseeing monetary policy are tightly controlled by multinational private banks. No one who is not bought and paid for by them will be allowed to come near the process by which money is created and its value is determined.

And then there is the pseudoscience of economics, a field of study far less reputable than astrology and bloodletting, that tells us that interest rates, rather than the grand theft of money by multinational banks, is the cause of inflation; that tells us we must consume and waste in order to have a healthy economy; that suggests to us that importing food and other necessities from abroad through the parasitic logistics and distribution systems controlled by the banks, is a sign of growth, and that this scam is more modern and efficient than growing your own food and running your own local economy.

That fairy tale is a massive fraud. If you produce most necessities in your community and buy and sell, or barter, with each other, and if you run local banks as cooperatives, then the money, and the value, will remain in your community, and will not be siphoned off to vampire private equity firms in New York or Singapore, in London or Geneva.  

Propping up the wobbly Dollar

Money is no Mystery

Part Two

Emanuel Pastreich

September 4, 2022

The Federal government gave up all pretentions that money is backed by the gold held at the Federal Reserve, or backed by anything concrete, in 1972. The dollar became a fiat currency, money that is not tied to anything but reputation. Since that fatal day, the powers behind the curtains have maintained the value of the dollar in various ways.

The legitimacy of the dollar was tied to the legitimacy of the United States and its strength as a cultural, educational, scientific, technological, and sadly military, power. This approach worked until the 1990s, but the decay of the angel was inevitable.

As the value of the United States has decreased because of corruption and decadence, and because of the inevitable rise of the other nations devastated in the Second World War, increasingly devious means were employed to assure dollar’s value.

Covert efforts were launched to undermine the authority of other nations, whether Russia and China, or Germany and Japan. Perhaps it seemed like a good idea on Wall Street, but the result was the creation of a brutal winner-takes-all global economy—and the same covert means would be used finally against Americans themselves to keep them addicted to the dollar economy as it collapsed.

The United States slipped into a malignant culture. The decadence of wealth and power meant that innovation was stifled by conceited men like Steve Jobs or Bill Gates who pretended to be the inventers of things they stole and were enshrined in a handful of paralyzed institutions.

The quality of literature and art, of film and music, declined. American universities ceased to strive for truth and for science. Instead they crawled into bed with private equity and billionaire philanthropists, using advertising, rather than education, to prop up their global status.

The strategy of using culture to hold up the value of the dollar ceased to be effective.

Another approach was to tie the dollar’s value to the sale of petroleum, a product that everyone needs in our over-industrialized society.

The United States used its diplomatic, financial and military power to make sure that petroleum was only sold in dollars, thereby establishing a clear value for that fiat currency—that almost was equal to being backed by gold.

But that value was added to the dollar at a horrific price.

Many nations saw the value of selling petroleum in their own currencies, and they tried to do so. Those countries had to be infiltrated, undermined, intimidated, or bought off. In some cases, they had to be invaded and overthrown. The process has reached a crescendo in recent months, auguring for world war as the final consequence of this crusade to save the dollar.

You see, the United States had to control the Middle East, and to have its long fingers deep in the politics of nations around the world, in order to keep this petroleum system going. The cost of holding up the dollar was horrific, and bit by bit, the United States was corrupted beyond recognition. 

Wars for oil, and other natural resources, became the primary concern in foreign policy, not peace. As a result, militarism sunk its roots deep in the economy, deep into the very spirit of the nation. There was no space left to seek for cooperation and accommodation. Any threat to the dollar had to be beaten down brutally.

At the same time, it was necessary to promote petroleum, and a consumer culture that demanded petroleum usage, at every level in America, and around the world. Automobiles were glorified, cities were designed to make automobiles necessary, oil-based fertilizers, and pesticides were sprinkled on industrialized farms. Oil companies and auto makers became all powerful because they helped to prop up the value of the dollar and forced petroleum on the common man.

The other device for backing the dollar was the promotion of global free trade, a system wherein products that could be made locally by neighbors are shipped halfway around the world, burning fuel all the way, so as to make sure that most everything on your plate, on your table, on your back, has passed through the logistics monopolies who take their cut. 

This global “free” trade destroys local economies and renders citizens dependent on multinational corporations like WalMart and Amazon that take their money and do nothing to help the local economy.

The dollar was placed at the center of this closed trade system—anything but “free.”

Average Americans were impoverished even as the dollar was promoted in our name. Our republic was transmogrified into a ruthless empire that demanded everything be bought and sold in dollars.

The cancerous military economy also served a critical role in propping up the dollar as the other sources of power faded in the 1990s.

Nations could be invaded, or sanctioned, if they did not accept the dollar as the global currency.

Military equipment became a form of meta-currency—nations were compelled to purchase overpriced, and often worthless, military systems for billions of dollars as a way of propping up the dollar. Those designated as allies of the United States were expected to purchase fighter planes and tanks, drones and missiles at exorbitant prices. The most notorious example is the F-35 stealth fighter which costs around 80 million US dollars each and is barely functional. These devices, bulky tokens, force the large transfer of foreign capital into dollars in the name of security.

With trillions of dollars unaccounted for, the Pentagon has become the primary money laundering operation for the world, taking in money from billionaires, drug dealers, and just about anyone else and paying them off with money from the defense budget, and from weapons purchases from around the world.

Of course the threat of force makes the fiat currency stronger—but the cost is endless war.

Another ingenious way of propping up the dollar is to force debt on our citizens, making them scramble to obtain the dollars to pay off debts incurred in the process of trying to stay alive and to meet the criteria demanded by corporations for employment.

The cost of healthcare has skyrocketed, as has the cost of education. We find ourselves hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt just for being born, educated, treated for illness, and buried—let alone more serious challenges. And the banks drive up the cost of a home through their endless speculation with the fraudulent money they have printed up.  

Chase Manhattan and Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and BlackRock, using their pay-to-play authority figures who appear on TV, or at Harvard University, set the value of everything in society, justifying why it must be so expensive.

How many times have you heard your friends talking about money, about how much money they have in their pensions, how much their houses are worth, how much they spend for their children’s educations? Money has been made the primary topic of discussion for our people because the media, the entertainment complex, and the educational system make it that way. The questions: How can I be a good person? What is the truth? What is justice? What does the Constitution say? These questions have disappeared from our discourse.

The Bretton Woods complex, centered around the World Bank and the IMF, and linked to central banks around world, was flawed from the start, but recently it has degenerated much further into a Disneyland of make-believe value wherein human endeavors can only be assessed according to the Procrustean metrics of growth, production, consumption, exports and imports. The rise and fall of the stock market, the bond market, and other fantastic ephemera is considered the determining factor for the well-being of mankind by every newspaper or magazine from the fascists to the socialist, and these metrics of growth and consumption are cited in the university, the government, and the corporation. 

In a horrific farce, the fundamental values of humanity: modesty, honesty, sincerity, chastity and humility are treated as at best as hobbies for the leisure class after they have accumulated wealth, but are frequently presented as obstacles to economic growth that requires waste and impulse.

Frugality, is the greatest sin, believing that one can live a spiritually and mentally healthy life without waste is an insult to the beastly ritual of consumption that is held up for all to worship.

Caring for your ill parents, helping your neighbor to repair her window, growing potatoes, or teaching your children to be ethical and to distinguish the truth from falsehood, all these actions are negatives for the gross domestic product, negatives for your standing in society.  

Along the way, we drifted from a cooperative economy into a predatory economy, into a parasitic economy.

That process was linked to the two most horrific traumas that shook us to the core.

The only way to cover up the frauds of 9.11 and of COVID-19 over the last twenty years is to silence citizens by making them an offer they cannot refuse: chose money or truth. 

The truth is that the billionaires own nothing except a bankrupt and covetous ideology of money.

The purchase of farmland by Bill Gates, the paving over of priceless farmland to erect pointless shopping malls, highways, and highrises by construction firms and real estate speculators, all this was done using the bogus money printed for them by their lackeys at the Federal Reserve.

That land belongs to all of us. The parasites who have murdered our people so viciously with COVID-19 weapons, or poisonous processed foods, or chemicals dumped in our rivers and lakes, those parasites shall hold no dominion. 

The first step for addressing the money issue is to give the land back to the people and allow them to grow their own food, make their own furniture, and be independent of the covert stranglehold of the multinationals.  

Similarly, we can write our own music, hold our own concerts, make our own art, put on our own theatre, and thereby leave behind the decadent Hollywood culture of sexual titillation and momentary narcissism. 

Take away the imperative to collect money at all costs so as to meet artificially created need to consume, and many social ills will be cured. The institutions regulating money have been turned against the citizens whom they should be protecting.

Multinational corporations, and their puppets, flush with our money, lecture us about recycling and sustainability, about how we must tighten our belts, but they will pull every punch to make sure that no one threatens the plastic and paper packaging systems they have set up to extract profit from us at every turn.

We are not citizens empowered by a contractual relationship with each other using money as determined by Constitution, but rather we have been reduced to consumers who can conceive of value only in terms of dollars because Madison Avenue advertising and public relations firms have indoctrinated us to embrace the false values of the cult of the self.

Because we have been reduced from citizens of a republic with a sense of civic responsibly to consumers of the gaudy wares laid out to distract us, we are led forward not by a clarion call, but by a ring through the nose. We are not masters of our fates; we are no captains of our souls. We are but products to be processed and then disposed of like the ragdolls littering the squalid cage of an idle ape.

No! Our eyes must turn to the hope of a new nation coming. 
We must trample those hideous grapes of wrath, 
unloosing the terrible swift sword of truth; like lightening, that the truth may go marching on.

Digital Currency leads us by the hand down the primrose path to slavery

Money is no mystery

Part Three

Emanuel Pastreich

September 5, 2022

The decay of values, the decline of crafts, of art, of literature, and, above all, of intellectual inquiry in the United States leaves us facing a wasteland wherein money is the only sentient beast, demanding due worship by all.

This horrific change was accompanied by the hollowing out of the economy. We went from agriculture in which there is a clear relationship between labor, product, and the moral and physical wellbeing of the family, to manufacturing in which production was cut off from daily life and monopolized by global capital, to a consumption and the service economy which is mediated by computers, creating online platforms controlled behind the curtains by unaccountable multinational technological monopolies.

And now, in the last stage of the decay of the angel, we are encouraged to welcome as a sign of advancement the replacements of humans with robots, drones, and AI systems. Citizens have no role in this alien economy and we can only feed our families by engaging in some banal activity at a tremendous distance from family and neighbors, and then bringing back the dollars so earned to purchase products sold retail by multinational corporations.

When family farms were replaced with factory farms, when local manufacturing was replaced with imports from China and Thailand, when local businesses were ruthlessly exterminated by monster outlets funded by private equity in the name of efficiency and free trade, when the banks stand triumphant on the ruins of what was once America, they will unfurl a new slavery, dressed up as fashion, safety, and identity awareness, that will crush what remains of our selves. Fascism will come to America when it is downloaded from an I-phone, or posted on Facebook. 

Corporate media networks keep repeating the same fraudulent reports about how technological progress had ushered in a better world. Hapless students are taught from elementary school that money is the highest priority, that new technology is required, as is competitiveness, in order to secure a happy future.

Because all aspects of human experience have been farmed out to multinational corporations like Amazon, WalMart, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and Disney, organizations that function like governments but that are not subject to the Constitution, organizations that keep their finances offshore, we have lost the ability to assess what is true; we have been blinded physically and spiritually. 

The private banks ran the show under Presidents Clinton, Bush, Trump, and Biden. They offered us a brave new world in which the stock market determined the health of the economy, a stock market that was inflated by stock buybacks using fake money generated by quantitative easing.

Citizens were forced by their retirement plans to put their money into this ponzi scheme. The corporate media encouraged them to think that funny money printed up by the Federal Reserve was real and that farm land, natural assets, universities and research institutes, even government institutions like the Center for Disease Control that the billionaires had bought with that fake money actually belongs to them. 

Derivatives (futures, options, and swaps) are the most abominable of the wretched creatures unleashed on the working man. Derivatives form a system wherein multinational investment banks can claim to have a financial interest in goods they never own using the Mickey Mouse games cooked up by IT experts. The profits from derivatives, in the trillions of dollars, have nothing to do with the real world, but are created out of whole cloth for the billionaire class through the manipulation of information.

Another monster is cryptocurrency, and other forms of digital coinage that crawl the floors of the putrid seas of greed and fraud in search of innocents and fools. These want-to-be currencies follow the primary directive laid down by the grandfather of modern economics P.T. Barnum, “There is a sucker born every day.”

These cryptocurrencies are promoted as a form of money more stable than the bedridden dying dollar, but the metrics that determine the value of BitCoin or Ethereum are rigged by bankers stringing along the little man until he can be wiped out in 9.11 financial disaster.

That final day of reckoning is not far away. Already trillions of dollars of our money was doled out to billionaires through qualitative easing, dumping our money into rigged markets for stocks and bonds, and of course the grotesque ladling out of trillions more during the 2020 COVID crisis.

We cannot know where that money went.

Why? Because the role of intelligence organizations (now run as for-profit corporations) has been vastly expanded over the last two decades. Along the way, they have merged with international investment banks and private equity to become essentially one, a dark octopus colored by greed and fraud that encircles the Earth in its stranglehold, then led by Goldman Sachs, now led by BlackRock and friends, the name does not matter much. What is certain is that its tentacles are wrapped around the neck of every local economy.

The thickest tentacle encircles the Capitol, the United States Congress.   

The result? Fiscal and monetary policies are made classified; it is crime to disclose to the public the crimes of global capital. Congress has passed legislation known as “secret law” which has the effect of Federal statutes, but that cannot be made public.

I would love to explain to you this process, with concrete examples of how BlackRock, the Houses of Saud and Windsor, private equity firms, and other entities behind which the super-rich hide, have used secret and top-secret classification to hide their theft of your money; but if I did, I would go to jail and this speech would come to an abrupt end.

The zombie becomes a vampire

The clammy hand of digital currency reaches from the grave to seize us

Now that they have sufficiently degraded our thinking with childish entertainment and a culture driven by narcissistic impulses to keep us unfocused, distracted, and naïve, the time has come for them to launch the final incarnation of money, the vampire that will suck all remaining value out of us, leaving us spiritually and physically impoverished.

I am speaking about the CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency).

We shall not allow the American worker to be crucified on a cross of ones and zeros.

For yes, verily, the CBDC is the final stage in the decay of the dollar.

President Biden issued an executive order, not a law, entitled “Ensuring responsible development of digital assets” –that means the opposite of its name. This order hands over the treasury to the bankers.

Everyone knew that a law creating a digital currency could not be passed, even in this corrupt Congress. Only the doddering, tottering, Biden could try to make this power grab seem legitimate.

This digital currency will move your savings from your bank to the Federal reserve where it will be used by such monsters as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and be unrelated to any aspect of the economy as we know it.    

The billionaires must push through digital currency quickly, before any organized resistance is possible. Citizens who are not billionaires must be deprived of the ownership of property, of their labor and their thinking, and even of their own bodies. The right to travel, or to communicate, must be ended so that the billionaires can rule with absolute dominion.

Digital currency will also be linked to a carbon credit system whereby the invisible hands of the World Economic Forum, not those with moral or scientific credibility, will determine what you can buy.

The Federal Reserve, now but an appendage of the financial blob encircling the Earth, will be empowered by digital currency to turn off your access to money, to freeze the money held in your name, before you can call a lawyer, or make any appeal, and to do so through multinational IT intelligence firms accountable to no one.

You will not have any right to contest the seizure of your money, or your possessions. Your appeal will not go to a judge in a human-based constitutional system, but will be handled by smiling and uncaring AI systems.

In the name of sustainable development, under a United Nations that has become the play toy of billionaires, your money—and NOT the money of billionaires–can be designated as legitimate for buying candy bars, but not for buying nails and lumber, legitimate for buying silly Netflix films, but not for purchasing forbidden books. You will be able to purchase food imported from Mexico at WalMart, but will not be able to buy the lettuce and cucumbers grown by your neighbor.

You will be prohibited from travelling abroad, but those with private planes, those involved in high level public-private partnerships, will be free to do so. 

This digital money will be under the control of the Federal Reserve, tracked by corporations on government contracts, and protected by the FBI, Secret Service and other federal agencies that are now on permanent loan to multinational corporations.

Needless to say this action is a violation of the United States Constitution which grants Congress authority to borrow money, and to “coin money and regulate the value thereof” (Article I, section 8). But if no one stands his or her ground, the constitution will be used to mop the floor.

Increasingly, we cannot conduct the transactions of daily life using cash. Already, the United Kingdom, Finland, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, and China are well on their way to eliminating cash. They say it is in the interest of convenience, modernity, and safety. But in fact they are opening the gates of hell, paving the road to tyranny.

All we need is a crisis that will force us to embrace this new digital currency. Already they are planting the thermite of hyperinflation in the wobbly columns supporting the dollar. As I speak, they are preparing a controlled demolition that will have us all on our knees when the cardboard messiah of digital currency manifests itself after the crash. 

A revolutionary dollar of the people, for the people, and by the people

Money is no Mystery

Part Four

Emanuel Pastreich

September 6, 2022

We cannot stop this silent takeover of the American economy, and of the Earth’s economy, a takeover making use of the covert devaluation of money, the reduction of the Federal Reserve and the Department of the Treasury to agents for the rich, unless we confidently and bravely propose an alternative and simultaneously declare that the monetary and currency policies of the “public private partnership” of the billionaires are illegal and immoral.

The rich have any number of tricks to fool us into accepting the false idols that they have prepared so lovingly, to cajole us into welcoming the Trojan horse of digital currencies, just as we were forced to accept COVID payouts that made us dependent on an unconstitutional government, a United States of multinational private equity following a classified constitution for the few.   

Creating false money and branding it as our currency is an act of counterfeiting, even if that act is undertaken by firms with fancy Wall Street offices run by gentlemen wearing three-piece suits.

That act in itself, even if covered over with the thin veneer of government institutions, is grounds to arrest the stakeholders (not just the CEOs) of these banks and to seize their assets.

But there are a few steps that must come first.

We must face the reality of contemporary America as it is, not as we wish it were.  

That brave act will lead us to the painful conclusion that the takeover of the Executive and Legislative branches is so complete that lobbying against, advocacy against, the rule of money by the banks is not the first step towards our liberation.    

No, we must first establish a currency which will serve as the foundation for a productive, not speculative, moral, not extractive, economic system that follows the Constitution and natural law, one that is independent of the poisoned Federal Reserve, one that offers a full-formed alterative to the slavery that awaits us. 

The transformation of money must be revolutionary. Progressive change is no longer possible. But it must be revolutionary in a sense that appeals to the better angels of our citizens, not the dogs of war who bay at our doorstep.

A revolutionary dollar in five easy steps


Education for the citizens about money

Economics is the most corrupt and purposely obscure field of pseudoscience, a devious practice run by high priests who attribute the purposeful destruction of our economy by billionaires to science, suggesting that hyperinflation and overproduction are the equivalent of the snow and rain, proposing that the raising or lowering of interest rates, and the doling out of money to multinational corporations, is the way to relieve the suffering of the common man, the common woman.

Our children are taught horrid falsehoods from elementary school on, told that the destruction of their futures is the result of forces beyond their control, the product of a temporary setback, when laceration of their dreams is the explicit goal of rich and powerful.

The first step in our resistance is to educate citizens about what the economy is and how it truly works.

We must go to the streets, go door to door, and we must explain logically, scientifically, and patiently what is going on behind the screaming headlines.

There is no need for juicy donations to the Harvard Business School, or funding for the Economist Magazine from billionaires, in order for the man in the street to understand how the economy runs, how money is created for the billionaires, and how debt is created to enslave us.

We must tell them the truth about digital currencies, the stock market, derivatives and other frauds, explaining how these cooked-up indicators of growth are unrelated to our economy.

We must explain to the citizens how banks create money out of thin air, and how the digital currencies and cryptocurrencies are but a trap meant to trick them into surrendering the last traces of real ownership to faceless AI.

Citizens must grasp that this digital money, is not money at all, but an IOU note to them from unaccountable powers, a note that can be cancelled at any moment for bad behavior, for no reason at all.

They must understand that its value is determined by computer banks owned by multinational corporations. Digital currency is, in other words, a weapon of mass destruction.


Denounce the fiat currency dollar controlled by multinational banks and launch the revolutionary dollar

The collapsing dollar system threatens to take us down with it, be we white collar or blue color, man or woman, black or white. But corporate media tries to divide us against each other using ethic and identity conflicts of its own creation.

Just as other nations must free themselves from the dollar-dominated economic system, so also must the citizens of the United States declare their independence from this banker-driven Titanic.

Taking the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution as our sword and our shield, we will bravely assert the true relationship of the citizen to the federal government, insisting that only we the people have the right to issue currency through a Congress that is accountable, in word and deed, to us.

We will assert that the value of the dollar must be determined in a transparent and accountable manner, in accord with the Constitution.

If that is not the case, and it most obviously IS not the case, then it CANNOT be considered as a currency. It is but pretty printed paper.

We will assert that the new digital currency, and the Federal Reserve’s fiat currency dollars, now controlled by multinational banks, are by their self-evident nature unconstitutional, illegitimate, and criminal.

We will refuse to use them for economic transactions and we will allow citizens to convert their fiat dollars for our substantial revolutionary dollars in accord with the true needs of the working people of our country, not the greed of the moneychangers and the speculators.

The “Revolutionary Dollar” will support an accountable and transparent monetary system that is based on value, not forced debt, not the threat of military force, and not chimeric digits floating in cyberspace.

You heard right. The revolutionary dollar will be a democratic currency that is issued directly to citizens following the Constitution.

This new democratic economy will be local in nature, but will include transparent and verifiable systems for national and international exchange that are independent of the casinos run by the gamblers and tricksters.

That independent economy will be based on concrete contributions from the citizens, and will offer a clear alternative to the rotten globalist economy that drags us towards slavery.


Establish the value of the revolutionary dollar

The revolutionary dollar will be grounded at the local level in credible agreements among citizens that determine its value with regards to concrete goods and services. The revolutionary dollar will go hand in hand with a transparent, accountable, and democratic banking system, banks that are run as cooperatives by the members of the immediate community first.

But even more important than establishing a free and democratic dollar, we must help the citizen to reduce his or her dependency on money and encourage self-sufficiency, local barter, and cooperation within the community.

Turn strangers into neighbors and you will magically find solutions to many economic needs. It is because you do not know your neighbor, do not trust the man passing you on the street, and have grown distant from your son and daughter that you must conduct all actions via money. That is no accident. That was the plan all along.

The revolutionary dollar will permit a true market economy in which the currency is tied, through participatory discussions, to a set value for three kilos of tomatoes grown in your garden, for two hours of babysitting, for fixing a sink, or for walking a dog every day for a month.

That is to say that the currency will return to the original function of money, a marker in our shared society that allows for a transparent barter system wherein we can cover most needs without ever turning to a multinational corporation or bank.

Trust between neighbors, and between family members, will allow us to govern ourselves, to create an organic system wherein we set the value of money in response to the needs of the citizens in the local economy.

Money will be tied to goods, services, objects and other substantial things, tangible or intangible, through a participatory process wherein citizens set prices through discussion, and establish markets based on real demand.

That process of determining value through open debate between citizens will mean the restoration of politics in the original sense of the word, not the debased Los Vegas strip show to which we are subject today.

The goods and services essential to life: food, tools, housing, transportation, energy, as well as the fundamentals of civilization: rigorous science, moral education, profound intellectual engagement, and the philosophical, aesthetic and spiritual practices that define humanity, will be assigned value within the revolutionary dollar.    

The will be no space in this democratic economy for the conversation to revolutionary dollars of ill-got digital fortunes, narco-riches accumulated by billionaires and their intelligence lackeys, money now recorded in the bankrupt fiat currency. The extra billions claimed by multibillionaires by adding a few zeros to the figures in their Amazon, or Google supercomputers, will also vanish.

Inflation will be vanquished by the revolutionary dollar. In addition, no individual, no one family, no class of privileged people, will be permitted to monopolize money, goods or other assets beyond the bounds of fundamental social justice.

So also the debt owed by citizens in that fiat dollar cannot be converted into revolutionary dollars. The revolutionary dollar will be jubilee in every sense of the word.


Creation of local banks for the people

The fiat currency dollar has become a tool for the rich to buy up assets from ordinary citizens using phony money that is backed by the authority of the federal government.  This scheme has worked because the commercial media gave this “money” undue legitimacy, and because the dollar was no longer backed by precious metals, and because there were no longer local banks granting meaningful loans to local citizens based on the actual money deposited, to stand in opposition to the international banks.

We must establish local banks that are committed by their charters to being run as cooperatives, committed to investing entirely in the local community, and committed to basing their loans on the money they actually have, that is tied to real objects, to real labor, or to real institutions of substance.

The loans offered by these banks must be for ordinary people, in real money, and they must be for productive and helpful activities.   

Those banks must focus on the local, must focus on the long-term wellbeing of the community, the environment, and the future of the nation.

Long-term low interest (30 year loans) and micro-loans, will allow the citizen to purchase high quality, locally handmade pairs of shoes that will last for 30 years, or tables that will last for 100 years, for less money than would cost a shoddy set of imported shoes, or an imported fiberboard table sold by criminal distributor like Walmart.


A global monetary system for the people

Ultimately a new international, and not globalist, financial and trade system must be built from the bottom up, one that permits for healthy and constructive economic interactions starting from the local community, expanding across the nation, and finally reaching out to the citizens (not the corporations) of other nations.

No part of that financial and monetary system will be controlled by the multinational logistics and shipping companies, the large-scale marketing and retail firms, that are run by Wall Street, and the financial monopolies like BlackRock and Vanguard, and the families like the Houses of Saud and Windsor, the Waltons and the Rothchilds, the Kochs and the Mars, who hide behind them.

A healthy, citizen-centered, financial and trade system for the Earth requires transparent and reliable currencies that are outside of the reach of globalists.

We will bypass the poisoned economic system of the globalists entirely.

The sad state of our economy

The bankers, and their friends at the Treasury Department work day and night to put off the inevitable bursting of the bubble, and they will use any means, even if that means the destruction of our nation. The United States resembles the train in the Marx Brothers film “Go West!” the cars of which were chopped to pieces to feed the locomotive’s engine, leaving behind a wreck.

Money without value is the only thing keeping the ship of state afloat. But over time, creating money without value is a horrific ritual of self-cannibalism for a civilization.

Fear of war, fear of pandemics is essential to keeping the population from understanding how the economy, and the culture, is destroyed.  

The critiques of this criminality offered by true conservatives like Ron Paul have been replaced with faux conservatives like Donald Trump created by the banks.

The trenchant critique of markets and global finance offered by Marxists and socialists in a previous age have been supplanted by the indulgent chatter about gender and race offered by the so-called “left.”

Enough is enough! Over the last fifty years, the Federal debt has increased 75-fold from $400 billion to $30 trillion, thus rendering your money nearly worthless. The elite have grown wealthy; the citizen has been driven into poverty.

Verily, it is a sordid, vicious racket that poisons the very life blood of the nation. Truly this market, now a corpse, demands at least, an honorable burial.

Affirm the real economy and denounce the fake economy

Personal morality, the needs of local communities, transparency and accountability, local banks and local finance, are concepts alien to the discourse on money promoted in the gaudy media today.

We cannot purchase a solution to this problem with the dollars that are created, regulated, and controlled by the private multinational banks.

Remember that degradation of money is inseparable from the decay of personal ethics, and of the sense of citizenship at the local and the national level.

We can have healthy food, potable water, quality tools and furniture, livable housing, meaningful education and a profound intellectual, cultural and spiritual experience which will make life worth living. That is our goal. Money can help to achieve that goal by setting up equivalencies for exchange, but money itself can never be the solution to the problem.

When the ancients said that money is root of all evil, they had their reasons.

The trust between citizens is the skeleton to which the muscles of the revolutionary dollar will be attached. The revolutionary dollar will be the base on which an independent and moral economy is built.

No longer must our citizens dive into an immoral and parasitic economy in order to obtain the filthy dollars need to feed their children. Such contradictions, such abominations, must be abolished.

Remember that we are fighting a techno-fascist global system that will try to outsmart us, to overwhelm us, by creating false value using its fiat currencies and digital currencies.

That global system uses algorithms calculated by supercomputers, and bribes any number of authority figures, to convince us of its legitimacy.

Yet ultimately we will win because the value of our money, our revolutionary dollars, will be rooted in human interactions, in actual value.

The revolutionary dollar backed by the Constitution, and supported by concrete economic transactions between citizens, will allow us to say to the billionaires like Bill Gates that when they bought up farmland in Montana or Minnesota using the money printed up at their request by the Federal Reserve, that they did not gain ownership in any sense and that their fiat money, their digital currency, shall have no value.

In addition, take notice! The financial crimes of promoting poisonous vaccines are more than enough to justify the seizure of all the assets of these criminals.  

Our revolutionary dollar, in other words, will be the wooden stake driven through the heart of the zombie economy, will be the swift sword that strikes down the vampire market, will be the silver hammer that knocks over the rotten casino set up by the money changers of Wall Street.

What will they do, when their goose is cooked, when their money is worthless and their fake assets have evaporated?  That is not our concern.

Our nation belongs to its citizens. Our rivers and fields, mountains and oceans, cannot be owned by anyone but remain our cherished common legacy to be preserved far, far into the future, long after the parasitic billionaires are safely entombed in their gaudy graves.

(the title “Money is no Mystery” is adopted from the famed speech by that title delivered by Charles E. Coughlin on December 30th, 1934)

“코로나 사기를 혁명으로 끝내자: 코로나19 공포 속에서 생긴 국제혁명당이 왜 유일하게 시민들한테 희망을 주는 정당이 됐을까요??

“코로나 사기를 혁명으로 끝내자”





코로나 사기를 혁명으로 끝내자는 관점은 누구나 할 수 있는 생각입니다. 기본적으로 ‘코로나는 사기. 백신은 독극물’ 이 정도 생각으로 끝나는 사람들도 수많은 독재세력의 악행에 저항한다 말합니다. 하지만 그것도 하나의 계급투쟁, 또는 생존투쟁에서 끝날 뿐 ‘인간성 투쟁’의 영역으로 가지는 않습니다. 저는 코로나 사기를 말하기 위해 장거리를 자주 왕복하며 코로나 사기와 독재 반대 투쟁에 참여하고 딥  스테이트 세력의 횡포에 직접적으로 목소리를 냈던 사람입니다. 저는 그들의 마음에서 진실성을 보았고 누군가를 지키고자 하는 애민정신과 올바르고 냉철한 판단, 그리고 인간적이고 따뜻한 면모와 무엇보다도 높은 수준의 투쟁심과 도덕성을 보았습니다.

하지만 그들에게도 역시나 보이지 않는 한계점은 존재했습니다. 코로나가 사기이고 우리가 깨어나야 함을 열심히 알렸지만 누가 그 주체인지 모른다면, 그리고 무엇을 어떻게 지혜로이 싸워나가야 할지 모른다면 딥스테이트의 멸망이 있고 나서의 혁명은 존재하지 않을 것입니다. 즉, 불의한 이들이 가고 정의로운 이들이 정권을 잡은 이후의 혁명은 모른다는 것이죠. 세력은 제도를 만들고 그 제도는 세력의 멸망 이후에도 사람들의 마음속과 사회적 현상으로서 존재하는 법이니까요.

국제 혁명당의 두 당수분이 쓰신 <코로나 사기를 혁명으로 끝내자(도서출판=나루터>는 이러한 맥락에서 출발합니다. 사실 코로나가 사기라는 것과 딥 스테이트의 악행을 거리에서 더 열심히 알린 단체는 코로나 팬데믹 조사 위원회 등의 시민단체였습니다. 국제 혁명당은 더 장기적인 관점에서 혁명의 과정과 결과에 주안점을 두고 코로나 사기, 더 나아가 혁명가가 정권교체, 시대교체를 이루어 낸다면 그 이후에 어떻게 해나갈 것인지를 매우 자세히 생각하고, 토론했으며 그것을 이 책에 담았습니다. 저 또한 이 책에는 저의 직접적 이야기가 한줄 밖에는 안 나와있지만 현장에서는 많은 소스를 제공하기 위해 노력했고 저의 생각도 이분들을 통하여 정리할 수 있는 계기가 되었습니다.

혁명을 통한 해방으로 정치, 경제, 사회적으로 억압된 시민이 자유를 찾는 것은 시간이 지날수록 어려워지고 있지요. 현대사회를 과거의 독재국가와 왕정을 극복하고 쟁취한 자유민주주의 사회라고 착각하는 경향이 강할수록 이런 현상이 강해집니다. 안주하고 본인들은 투표만 잘하면 된다고 생각하고 올바른 진실을 전한다고 믿어지는 언론의 말만 그대로 믿으면 되니까요. 올바른 시민은 법, 제도, 방침을 철저하게 준수하는 사람이고 그것들을 부당하다고 주장하면 이기적이고 자기밖에 모르는 사람으로 몰린다면 이는 혁명이 준비돼있지 않은 사회임을 나타내는 신호이지요.

이 책에서는 시민들이 혁명의 필요성을 체감할 수 있게끔 시민의 눈높이에 맞춰서 도와주는 책으로, 국제혁명당 소개와 국제혁명당의 공식논평으로 구성되어 있습니다. 책의 내용의 가지를 크게 4가지로 나누자면 첫 번째는 ‘국제혁명당의 혁명사 및 소개’, 두 번째는 ‘국제혁명당의 사회논평’ 세 번째는 ‘국제혁명당의 혁명이념’, 네 번째는 ‘코로나사기의 근거와 재판 중간보고’로 나뉩니다. 대략 보자면 코로나사기에 대한 내용은 ‘혁명의 도화선’으로 보고있다면 이는 부록의 자료로 해당되고, 그러면 크게는 3가지로 나뉜다고 볼 수가 있겠습니다. 혁명을 하게된 동기, 혁명을 하는 이유. 혁명을 하는 정신과 방법을 차례로 소개하면서 앞으로 우리 사회가 나아가야할 방향, 혁명가가 나아가야할 방향을 제시합니다.

이미 상술하였듯이 대한민국은 혁명이 준비된 나라가 아닙니다. 본서는 한민족은 혁명을 충분히 할 수 있는 민족이라 표기하였고, 저자 중 한분인 임마누엘 페스트라이쉬 공동대표님은 종전 자신의 저서에서도 여러 차례 한민족에 감탄하였다고 하셨습니다. 그러나 환경적인 요인으로 인하여 한민족의 조각중 하나의 국가인 한국은 코로나공포의 희생양으로 선정되었고, 여기에 심각한 수준으로 완전히 놀아나는 국가가 되었다고 설명합니다.

근본적인 문제의 뿌리를 해결해야 하고, 이를 인지하고 고치려는 마음가짐이 매우 필요합니다. 한 송이의 국화꽃을 피울 때에도 엄청나게 많은 소쩍새의 울음소리가 필요합니다. 환경이 척박할수록 소쩍새는 더 많이, 더 크게 울어야 합니다. 새를 울게 하기 위해서는 옛 일본의 막부 지도자 ‘도요토미 히데요시(새가 울지 않으면 자기가 자기 손으로 새를 울리겠다 말한 자)’가 어마어마하게 많이 필요합니다. 국화꽃 하나를 피우기 위해서도 이렇게 많은 노력이 필요한데 하나의 사회의 근간적인 문제를 바꾸는 데에는 더 많은 시간이 소요됩니다. 국제 혁명당은 혁명이라는 국화꽃을 피우기 위해 우는 소쩍새가 되고자 노력하고 있으며, 지금도 지역에서 하는 혁명, 대 고려인 민국 헌법재정, 자주독립선언 등등 수많은 작은 혁명들을 여러 등지에서 시행하고 있습니다. 부패하고 얼룩진 정치, 글로벌 자본독재 기업의 독점 자본 시장 형성, 우민화 세뇌교육의 악순환은 끊어야 합니다. 머리와 가슴을 일시적으로 조종하는 것은 돈과 권력을 이용하지만 그것은 가변적입니다. 우리가 우리의 현실을 냉정하게 바라보고 문제점을 명확하게 인지한다면 언제나 그랬던 것처럼 다시 혁명을 일으킬 수가 있다는 것이죠.

국제 혁명당은 “모든 사람이 존엄하다. 모든 생명이 신성하다”, “혁명가는 시민 중의 시민이고, 인간 중의 인간입니다. 그래서 아무나 다 혁명가가 될 수 있는 건 아닙니다. 동시에, 각성(覺醒) 하고 실천(행동)을 부지런히 하다 보면 평범한 사람도 누구나 다 혁명가가 될 수 있습니다. 국제 혁명당은 혁명가들의 당(黨)입니다.”라는 슬로건으로 혁명을 준비하고 있습니다. 만물은 신성을 타고나며, 이 신성을 올바르게 유지하는 것이 어쩌면 우리 인간, 나아가 모든 만물의 지상과제일지도 모르겠습니다. 신성을 지키는 것이 중요하다면 그 신성을 파괴하는 상황에 대한 명확한 인식이 필요하지요.

<코로나 사기를 혁명으로 끝내자>는 지금 우리 사회의 수도 없이 많은 문제점을 돌아보고 이를 해결해 나가자는 뜻이 담겨있습니다. 혁명을 하는 것은 매우 어렵습니다. 소수가 하는 것도 아니며, 지금의 상황과 같이 혁명을 반대하는 이들이 많으면 혁명하는 사람의 수가 아무리 많아도 성공할 수가 없고, 무엇보다도 근본적인 해결방안이 마련되어 있어야 하지요. 이 책을 시작으로 국제혁명당은 앞으로도 노력할 것이며 이 책이 코로나 사기를 혁명으로 끝내는 도화선이 될 수 있으리라 믿어 의심치 않습니다.

졍신문명 영성시대를 향하여



“코로나사기를 혁명으로 끝내자” 진실 과 실체