Kyung Hee University on Herbology and Pharmacology

Kyung Hee University is best known for its program in traditional Korean Medicine in Korea. Recently that program has become quite active.

Professor Kim Namil of Kyung Hee University oversaw the translation into English of “Donguibogam” (Principles and Practice of Eastern Medicine). This massive encyclopedia of traditional Korean medicine has previously been inaccessible to Western scholars. The translation was carried out with the support of UNESCO after  UNESCO recognized Donguibogam as a “World Documentary Heritage” in 2009.  This masterpiece of  Heo Jun in 25 volumes is being translated piece by piece.

The work of Professor Ryu Jaehwan, also of Kyung Hee University, is quite significant in the same regard. He is currently conducting research on the supplementary use of traditional Korean medicine in the treatment of stroke victims.  It appears that the benefits are striking, although many doctors have little interest.

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