Sovereignty, Wealth, Culture and Technology: Mainland China and Taiwan Grapple with the Parameters of Nation State in the 21st Century

In 2005, while still at the University of Illinois, I published the article in the journal Historia Actual.  The full text of the paper is available online here.  I have reposted the abstract below:

This paper introduces the historical background of the present confrontations and negotiations between Taiwan and the mainland in terms of Formosa’s (“the beautiful island” in Portuguese) convoluted relations with the Portugal and Holland, survivors of the Ming dynasty, the Qing dynasty (1644-1911), Japan, and the United States. The foreign interests who have had control of Taiwan make its sovereignty more complex. A consideration of the relationship of the Nationalist Republic of China and the Communist People’s Republic of China is also included. The debate on culture, economics and political control between their two political entities is informed past events, and a concern for the present legitimacy of both entities. Moreover, the challenges of globalization further complicate the picture in that the odd convergence of economic and cultural convergence with political tensions may be representative of the conflicts we will encounter in this century. The paper considers the economic, cultural, and technological ties that continue to bind Taiwan and the mainland despite serious differences and closes with a short consideration of possibilities for a long-term peaceful solution.

And again, here is the full text.

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