Daejeon: Three Rivers Mug for the Ecosystem

The "Daejeon: Three Rivers" Logo that Emanuel Designed for the City of Daejeon.

Much of my work on the environment in Daejeon had to do with reimagining the city as an Eco City. I felt strongly, as do many of the citizens of that wonderful city, that until an awareness of the city as an eco city set in, we cannot make much progress. That is to say that Daejeon must be completely redefined as a cultural space. Such a development can take place as an extension of its status as a science park, of course.

We put together a wide range of proposals for the city as an eco city through the Daejeon Environment Forum back in 2009. Several, including the proposal for bike paths, received considerable attention. See here for more detail.

We also learned that implementation is another matter. Until the concept of “Daejeon” shifts, the importance of a massive investment in the environment will be obscure.

I designed this logo for Daejeon about a year ago and only today did it come out on a coffee cup. The logo draws attention to the ecosystem of Daejeon. Daejeon means literally “wide field” referring to a large expanse of green level land surrounded by mountains that makes up the region.

That space is defined by three rivers: the Gapcheon, the Daejeon Cheon, and the Yudeung Cheon. In fact, until the 1980s, the term “Three Rivers” 삼천 三川 referred to a large district in Daejeon. That underlying ecological formation, the true beauty of the city, has been obscured by the modernization process. Rediscovering it is essential to Daejeon’s, and Korea’s, future.

In addition, the logo features the expression “Daejeon Three Rivers” in English, Korean, Chinese/Japanese, French and Thai as a representation of the international nature of the city today. The three rivers flowing together also defines the cultural and global role of our beloved city.

We will have a new set up mugs out soon and encourage you to order some. We hope that all the major cafes in Daejeon will use these cups in the near future so as to promote such a new vision.

2 responses to “Daejeon: Three Rivers Mug for the Ecosystem

  1. Bryan D'Albey September 18, 2011 at 5:00 am

    I have lived in Daejeon for over four years now and, while I am new to your work, I really appreciate your efforts. Please contact me regarding promoting and purchasing mugs. Thank you!

  2. Rosie September 18, 2011 at 3:42 pm

    The rivers and bike paths along them are a large part of what makes our lives in Daejeon. My husband and I are so happy to see the bike network continue to grow and the infrastructure on the river banks improving to encourage people to use the public space. Thanks for all your work! The mug design is quite nice, too.

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