RIKEN’s Asia Research Network

Emanuel visited the headquarters of RIKEN in  Wako, Japan on July 29th to discuss with Professor Hara Masahiko concerning RIKEN’s a”Asia Research Network” and to learn about Professor Hara’s current research.

RIKEN has shown a strong commitment to international collaboration with a focus on Asia over the last few years. RIKEN has launched an Asia Research Network that at present includes representative offices in Singapore and Beijing to oversee initiatives and maintain close institutional ties with research institutes throughout the region.

The most advanced link in the  Asia Research Network is the RIKEN-Hanyang Collaboration Research Center located at Hanyang University in Seoul. This program is on a par with the RIKEN-MIT Center for Neural Circuit Genetics and the RIKEN-Brookhaven National Laboratory effort, RIKEN-Hanyang is intended as the core for the Asian Research Network (ARN) in the technology convergence (fusion) research fields. Focus so far has been on the combination of nano-technology with  bioengineering and  information technology.

Programs undertaken in Korea and Japan by Professor Hara include:

Creation of biocomputer using slime mold (amoeba) with external feedback

Creation of materials with self-organized pattern-rhythm formation from fluctuation

Novel bio-dynamics system based on bio-sensor and external feedback

Development of two-dimensional protein arrays and application to random number generation

Development of single-molecule multi-property simultaneous characterization system

With Hara Masahiko and Isoshima Takeshi at RIKEN offices in Wako.

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