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Discovering Korea’s Sleeping Technology Treasures (article in Korean)

This article calls for a complete revision of the concept of technology in Korea, with an emphasis on traditional technologies. Munhwa Ilbo, November 30, 2011. 



2011년 11월 30일

千年의 잠에서 깨어나는 한국인의 기술

이만열/경희대 후마니타스 칼리지 교수·동아시아문명학
하루가 다르게 새로운 제품들이 쏟아지는 21세기 과학기술의 시대를 맞아 새삼 ‘기술’이라는 용어에 관심을 가질 필요가 있다. 우리가 직면하는 문제들은 그 단어에 내포된 제한적인 의미를 뛰어넘어 행동하기를 요구하기 때문이다. 기술은 일반적으로는 전자산업 부품의 디자인과 제작을 위한 적용 기술을, 보다 좁게는 기계공학, Read more of this post

Korean Unification Project

The Global Peace Youth Corps has taken the unusual step of launching this campaign to call on youth, Korean, or any nationality, as part of their annual convention. Since the Asia Institute has launched a biweekly seminar with the Global Peace Youth Corps (GPYC), including a live webinar with Professor Noam Chomksy on December 1, this effort is particularly noteworthy.

What better approach to the bureaucratic gridlock than to have youth offer their own creative solutions and get the conversation flowing? Your ideas are welcome!


GPYC "Unification Project" 2011

Portrait of the Chinese Ecologist Chen Minhao (Essay, November, 2011)

Emanuel Pastreich

Circles and Squares

November 28, 2011


Portrait of the Chinese Ecologist Chen Minhao (陈敏豪)

I was a graduate student in Japan back in 1991, working on my master’s thesis at University of Tokyo and I had just started to think about returning to the United States for a Ph.D. program in East Asian studies. I was particularly interested in Ming literature, because it had had such an impact in Japan during the 18th century—my field of specialization. In my search for good graduate programs, I had been introduced to University of Indiana, specifically to Professor Lynn Struve, a scholar of Ming/Qing history with whom I thought I might study with in the United States. I wrote to her and learned that she would be spending the summer in Shanghai at Fudan University. I quickly bought a ticket and made an appointment to stay at the Read more of this post

A Woman as the Next President of KAIST “카이스트의 여성 총장을 기대한다” (in Korean)

이만열 Emanuel Pastreich

경희대 후마니타스 칼리지 교수)

Circles and Squares


카이스트의 여성 총장을 기대한다

카이스트(KAIST)는 대한민국 과학의 방향 및 방법의 선도자로서 중요한 역할을 맡고 있다. 지난 7년 동안 카이스트의 혁신은 대한민국의 혁신으로 재빠르게 이어진다. 로버트 포플린 미국 스탠퍼드대 교수가 총장으로 임명됐을 때 카이스트는 새로 국제적인 전망을 제시하고 한국 연구기관의 국제적인 역할을 강조하면서 한국 교육제도에 적지않은 영향을 미쳤다. 또한 카이스트 서남표 총장 부임이후 카이스트 대학운영및 교육개혁에  대한 국민적 공감대를 형성하는 계기도 마련했다. Read more of this post

Emanuel delivers talks for Hyundai and KIA employees going abroad with families (November 25, 2011)

Emanuel delivered talks for a select group of employees from Hyundai and KIA Motors on November 25 in which he spoke about the need for a vision of the significance of working abroad and the importance of having a family plan for what the stay abroad means for each family members. Read more of this post

Opening address at event dedicated to the poet Son Hoyeon (November 24, 2011)

Emanuel was invited to deliver the opening remarks and also to read the poems of the Korean poet Son Hoyeon 손호연  at a special commemorative event (eighth anniversary of her death) held at the home of Son Hoyeon in Seoul. Emanuel delivered these short remarks (in Korean below) and read several of the poems in English.

Read more of this post

Feature Interview with Emanuel Pastreich in KIPI Journal (article in Korean)

This article is an interview with Emanuel and Kim Taegyong (김태경 소장), Director of the Korea Institute of Patent Information (특허정보원 ), about education, technology and Korea’s future in the Monthly Journal, Patent Information Promotion Center Magazine (November, 2011). Read more of this post

Emanuel’s Talk at TED @ Hongreung about Korea and his Grandmother

Emanuel’s talk about a dream of his grandmother at TED X Hongreung

Emanuel gave a talk about a memory dream he had about his grandmother when first studying in Korea at the recent TED event. Hongreung is the name of an old neighborhood (named after a royal grave) in northern Seoul that has become the center of a research cluster defined by Korea University, KAIST, KDI, Kyung Hee University Hanguk Sook of Foreign Studies and KIST.

Link to the video:

“A Dream of My Grandmother on New Year’s Eve in Korea”

TED X Hongreung

October 29, 2011

“A Dream of My Grandmother on New Year’s Eve in Korea” Read more of this post

Talk for UST

November 15, 2011

Emanuel delivered a talk at KIST for students enrolled in UST (University of Science and Technology) an innovative technology program run jointly by a group of research institutes in Korea. The talk concerned the impact of technology on society and presented an assessment of the challenges faced currently by the young generation.

The students are from around Asia, but includes a large number from the Middle East. We entered into a very lively discussion about technology after the talk.




“The Observable Mundane” Recognized as outstanding study in comparative literature

November 15, 2011

Emanuel’s study of the reception of Chinese vernacular narrative in Korea recognized as outstanding study in comparative Asian literature.

The Senior Committee for the East Asian Literature Research Association (동방문학비교연구회) has selected “The  Observable Mundane : Vernacular Chinese and the Emergence of a Literary Discourse on Popular Narrative in Edo Japan” (Seoul National University Press, 2011) for its annual award as outstanding research work on East Asian comparative literature.   Read more of this post