AICT Holds ConTech conference “A Smart and Humane World” at KOEX

AICT (Advanced Institute of Convergence Technology) at Seoul National University hosted the CONTECH international conference “A Smart and Humane World” on convergence technology on November 3, 2011, bringing together experts from around the world to discuss the implications of the convergence of technological fields for our world. Emanuel served on the international advisory board for this event. Several themes are related to the Kyung Hee University-AICT research project for which Emanuel was co-researcher.

In the course of the day two close friends of mine made presentations: Professor Kevin Kim of the Department of Engineering at University of Illinois and Professor Scott Strobel, Vice President for West Campus at Yale University. Kevin spoke about the Beckmann Institute’s initiatives that bring together top faculty from extremely varied fields to pursue new projects. During the seven years that I was at University of Illinois, I spent a good amount of time interacting with the outstanding faculty at the Beckmann Institute I found the environment extremely stimulating and far more interesting than my home affiliation of the Foreign Language Building.

Scott described Yale’s ambitious project to develop West Campus, an entirely new research facility purchased from Bayer Pharmaceuticals on which it is putting together an extremely impressive range of researchers and equipment..

The combination of quite technical papers about specific technologies with broader descriptions of policy and institutional change was quite successful. There were also several individuals who spoke about public service and helping the underprivileged.

For more on the conference, see CONTECH.


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