Talk at Reception for the publication of “Sejong City” by Choi Minho

I was invited to deliver a short talk on the occasion of the release of Dr. Choi Minho’s new book “Sejong City: A Fulfilling Life with Sophisticated Neighbors” (풍요로운 삶, 품격 있는 이웃, 세종) on December 3, 2011. Dr. Choi has worked for the last six months as director for construction for the new Sejong City and is a candidate for mayor of the city.

As an entirely new city in Korea that has a number of government ministries slated to move down over the next few years, the challenge of making Sejong City a successful project is great, as is the potential. It was Dr. Choi who invited me to come to Korea in 2006 to serve as assistant to the then governor Lee Wan-gu (who also gave a talk on this occasion).   Dr. Choi has been quite supportive of my efforts here in Korea and has displayed a remarkable concern for the arts and literature.


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