Kyung Hee University’s “Kyung Hee University Future Compact”

Kyung Hee University held a year-end party for faculty and students at the Peace Auditorium on December 21. The event, titled “Magnolia 2011” featured a very impressive music performance and the presentation of awards to outstanding faculty. The height of the event was the signing of a remarkable document entitled  “Kyung Hee University Future Compact”

There is no English version of this remarkable document

The preface reads:

“This is a road that did not exist before. The road before us is one that has never been traveled. Only after we have crossed over it will it be a road. Today our Kyung Hee University community members join hands to build a better common community and a university of dignity based on a spirit of communication, harmony, consideration and respectfulness.  For the first time since the founding of our Kyung Hee University faculty &  students  sign here together this “Kyung Hee University Future Compact” on a basis of mutual trust within the university.

“We are all small people. We all know the contradictions, mistakes and flaws within all of us. We as members of the Kyung Hee Community recognize that our introspection is not sufficient.  Competition and possession is most familiar to us, but shared space and solidarity is rather unfamiliar. All we members of the Kyung Hee community have been inattentive to the improvement of the quality of our lives. We have been indifferent to the lives of strangers, who are after all just another one of us. We accept with humility the eminent qualities of our reality.

“We need us. We are by our very nature mutually connected beings. Professors, students, staff and the university itself are the subject of relationships. As soon as we recognize the prospects contained within those relationships with each other we are no longer “small people.” When we establish a relationship, a sympathy, between you and I, discrete interests are transformed into the ethics of a common community. The Kyung Hee community is dedicated to the value of coexistence and a culture of harmonious diversity. We recognize differences between us within a “single Kyung Hee” while being a “single Kyung Hee Member” who creates harmony. The collection of parts is more diverse and healthy than the  whole. ”

There is more but I have not had the time to translate it.

The compact calls for “A Common community and a university that demands respect”

It puts forth five fundemental values:

1) Mutual connectivity within the university

2) Totality of life experience and stability

3) Consideration and respect

4) Transparency and ethical standards

5) The University as Public Institution

The compact sets down basic principles, like the Bill of Rights, or the United Nations Global Compact, for faculty, students, staff and the university as a whole.

“Kyung Hee University Future Compact” was signed by a faculty member, a student, a staff member and the president in a very moving ceremony. I will try to translate the rest of the text in the near future.

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