Vogue Archive: The Collapsing cost of information brings the past smack into the middle of the present

It is now becoming extremely cheap to input, reformat and process information. That situation makes it possible for Vogue Magazine to make accessible every single issue from its founding in 1892. That opens up to the casual viewer the whole range of Vogue’s history and allows for the appropriation and adaptation of images, words and ideas from a broad swath of history. See Vogue Archive

As this phenomenon becomes more common, we can expect other large chunks of our past to suddenly come to life. Imagine if we could take all important individuals who appear in photographs or paintings for the last 2000 years and make walking talking 3-D images of them that can be inserted seamlessly into any movie or video clip? It sounds incredible, but it may not be so far away. The Human Genome took ten years to sequence, but almost all the work was done in the last eight months. Now that work can be done extremely quickly and increasingly inexpensively. Much of the information in our genes, in our history books and records can suddenly be brought to life in ways we still do not fully understand.




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