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“The Humanities as a Common Basis for Communication between People” (article in Korean in “The National Economy”)

Article in Korean on Emanuel’s work at Kyung Hee University and the Asia Institute published in KDI’s Journal “The National Economy. The interview focuses on the importance of the humanities in an age of rapid technological change.

February, 2012

Korea Development Institute “The National Economy”

“The Humanities as a Common Basis for Communication between People”

Korea Development Institute

KDI 한국개발연구원

월간 나라경제

2012년 2월

인문학은 인간과 인간을 소통하게 하는 하나의 상식Read more of this post

The Three Faces of Seoul

February 2, 2012

One striking aspect of Seoul is the contrasting aesthetics we find on every corner. The Beautiful Seoul Project that Eun Shil Park was so kind as to introduce me to has produced this remarkable “Seoul Time Lapse 2010” video which puts forth an image of Seoul so radically different from what most of us old timers are accustomed to, but quite powerful. I must say I am very much reminded of the Tokyo I knew back in 1991 & 1992. Read more of this post

Asia Institute Interview with Haun Saussy of Chicago University (in Korean in Jung Ang Monthly 월간중앙)

Here is a Korean version of the interview with Professor Haun Saussy previously posted in English here on Circles and Squares.

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Interview with Emanuel in Money Magazine (article in Korean in Money Magazine of Hankyung Newspaper 한국경제신문 월간 머니)

This interview in Money Magazine (February, 2012) has little to do with money, but rather they concept of the “Korean Dream.” The “Korean Dream” is a positive image that Korea can give to the world that gives both hope and a constructive direction for creating a better world.




















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