New York Times article on up-scale Korean restaurant in New York

Following immediately on the New York Times article on bibimbap as a happening health food comes this article describing a Korean restaurant in Manhattan called Jungsik that has carved a new space in Korean cuisine for those in the know.








The article resembles reviews of upscale sushi houses from the 1980s and is a major shift in Korea’s cultural currency. Just looking at the photograph gives some indication of how far Korea has come.

These pictures indicate the more familiar image of the Korean restaurant. Delicious inexpensive and unassuming.

Here is the article:

Korean for the New World

Jungsik, inTriBeCa, Reinterprets Korean Cuisine

By Pete Wells


February 28, 2012

FOR many adults, a lobe of sea urchin has the same power to magically improve almost any plate that a squirt of ketchup has for children. The effect is far more luxurious, though.So I was not exactly stunned to find myself dipping my spoon over and over, slowly but determinedly, into a bowl of sea urchin over rice at Jungsik. And telling a friend, “Wow, you’ve got to try this.” And never quite getting around to sliding it over to his side of the table.

The other tastes in that bowl did surprise me, though, and made it one I’ll remember happily for some time. Seaweed and sesame oil scented the rice. Above it were sticks of Napa cabbage kimchi and a handful of quinoa, fried until it lost its usual mustiness.

I stirred all this together, like bibimbap, and began to travel. The seaweed and the briny urchin tugged me toward the beach. The kimchi and sesame oil dropped me on the corner of 32nd and Sixth. As for the quinoa, as it crunched between my teeth I was back at in my parents’ house, eating a breakfast bowl of Grape-Nuts. It sounds like a cab ride to crazy town, but it was great. (continued)


See New York Times article here.

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