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Article arguing that what Seoul needs is architecture that will last 1,000 years (in Korean, MK Business News)

This article in the MK Business News (April 4, 2012) argues that what Seoul really needs is a structure with the genius and the intention to last 1,000 years.   A project like the pyramids or the Louvre that will last and give a new gravitas to the city.


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Article in Korean on Korea’s democratic tradition from the Joseon Dynasty (in Korean in Kukmin Ilbo newspaper

This article argues that there is much of the democratic tradition in Korea that can be traced back far beyond the democracy movement of the 1980s, back into the Joseon period of the 17th and 18th centuries. The argument may seem somewhat obscure to some, but I would argue that if we see democracy in terms of the balance of power, Korea has a powerful and old tradition that deserves to be treated seriously, and emulated around the world. The Korean model is particularly relevant for China today. Read more of this post