Global Seoul and Human Seoul

One indication of how Seoul is distinct from other global cities is the emphasis on citizens that occasionally crops up in public announcements. I would not claim that the particular public announcement from the City of Seoul that came across on the subway yesterday represents all policy in Seoul, but it does suggest an argument that you will not find articulated by that many city governments through official channels.

The current mayor Park Wan-soon rose to mayor as an activist advocating for average citizens, as opposed to real estate interests. The announcement posted in the subway suggests that the revitalization of the city cannot ignore residents, that is to say it cannot ignore tenants and the needs of those who are not land owners. Needless to say, much of recent large-scale development in Seoul has not followed such an imperative.

“The redevelopment of Seoul through “New Towns” should be centered on residents, centered on people.

The right to inhabit is a human right

Now a redevelopment for residential areas is being pursued that is focused on people, on the community.

We cannot develop to the point of destroying the lives of residents.

A Seoul of Hope.

뉴타운 재개발은 거주자중심


거주권도 인권입니다

이제 공동체 사람중심 주거 재생이 추진 됩니다.

거주자의 삶까지 쓰러트릴수는 없습니다.


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