Talk about culture and education for elementary and high school principals

I gave a talk about education and culture on June 17, 2012 in front of a group of about one hundred principals of elementary and high schools in Seoul organized by the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education (서울시교육청). This “Principals Forum” was the first of its kind, a voluntary gathering of principals from around Seoul to exchange opinions on how education can be improved in Korea.

Emanuel talks with prinicipals about culture and education

There were a series of very moving talks by principals about the battles to contain bullying and promote a strong learning environment. Seoul Metropolitan City has launched an initiative to launch reform schools that employ standard textbooks, but make use of a far more open environment to promote a low-stress learning environment with a focus on creativity. I will visit one reform school (new school), Sangwon Elementary School, next Monday.

At table with principals

I spoke about my book “Life is a matter of direction, not speed” and discussed the need to reevaluate the Korean tradition so as to better understand Korea’s own strengths. I was quite impressed by the dedication of the teachers I met to make Korean education stronger and the rousing speech delivered by the Director of Education Kwak Nohyeon (곽노현 교육관).

Director of Education Kwak Nohyun at the center.

One response to “Talk about culture and education for elementary and high school principals

  1. debhavens June 23, 2012 at 11:44 am

    Emanuel, I am so pleased to read of Korean educators who want to focus education on creative learning and diminish bullying. I hope this includes less pressure on testing as well. Too much American focus has been on matching Korean test scores without understanding the price teachers and children pay as a result. Hopefully, the Korean initiative will influence American efforts as well.

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