More of Korea’s educational comics “manhwa”

Here are a few more interesting educational comics, “manhwa,” from Korea.

These three comic books are devoted to investigating the world around us. “Spider, Let’s Play” introduces the world of arachnids and insects. “Science Investigation Team CSI” has the reader he is a detective solving mysteries of the natural world and “Why and How” relates intriguing scientific facts in an accessible manner.

The “Why” series of educational manga (manhwa in Korean) is perhaps one of the most remarkable developments in Korean education. This extremely well-written series of comics explores historical, social, cultural and technological issues in comparative perspective. The analysis is simplistic, but it engages young students and gets them interested in history. In particular, the emphasis on how historical precedents determine the present is praiseworthy. The volume pictured is “The Beginning of Western Modern Society” focusing on the industrial revolution.

“The Magic Thousand Character Classic” takes its name from the text used traditionally to teach children laboriously how to read and write the Chinese characters. But this comic book is so creative and exciting that children with no interest in Chinese characters flock to it. It is a run-away best seller in Korea these days.

One page from “The Magic Thousand Character Classic” featuring the character “hu” 呼 (to call out).

This book is dedicated to sex education, a topic that is severely neglected in much of Korean education today.

A selection of recent educational comic at the bookstore: the two on the left about mathematics and on the right about society.

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