Seoul City initiatives to improve lives of women

The status of women in Korea is a great mystery. Without any doubt, many of the  most thoughtful thinkers are women and women show a assertiveness and determination in school that is striking. Yet within organizations, women have not fared that well.

Seoul City has launched several initiatives to improve the lives of women. Here is a sign that I saw today near my home.

“Seoul is changing the lives of women”

“Seoul is changing! We are making it possible for women to directly make the policies that effect them. In terms of safety, work and health, we are giving them the basis to dream of a change in their lives.”


We will:
1) Significantly increase the number of children’s care
centers so as to reduce the burden of workng women.
2) Establish Safety systems to prevent crimes against women
3) Create a better work environment for women (referring to environments that demean or exclude women)
4) Increase health services for women appropriate to each stage in their lives.

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