Selected Publications of the Asia Institute

Please Feel free to download from the link below the recently released publications from the Asia Institute.

The manuscript has been slightly revised.

Selected Publications of the Asia Institute

Asia Institute Selected Publications 2007-2012


Introducing The Asia Institute


What Youth can Do for the Future of Asia” 

Noam Chomsky

Professor of Linguistics

Massachusetts Institute of Technology


“Korea’s Place in Comparative Literature

Haun Saussy

University Professor of Comparative Literature

University of Chicago


“Korea and Globalization” 

Nayan Chanda

Editor, Yale Global Online Magazine

Yale Center for the Study of Globalization


“China’s Future Role in East Asia”

Richard Bush

Director of Center for Northeast Asian Policy Studies

Brookings Institution


“Korea’s Role in Science and Technology”

Harold Varmus

Director, the National Cancer Institute


The Problem of the Media in Korea”

Noam Chomsky

Professor of Linguistics

Massachusetes Institute of Technology


“The Conditions for Engaging North Korea”

Jon Huntsman

Former Governor of Utah and former Republican Candidate for President


“Engaging North Korea

John Feffer

Co-director of Foreign Policy in Focus

The Institute for Policy Studies

“The Outsider in Korean and American Politics”


Francis Fukuyama

Olivier Nomellini Senior Fellow

Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies (FSI), Stanford University


“Free Trade and the Status of Small and Medium Enterprises in the Global Economy”

Clyde Prestowitz

Founder and President of Economic Strategy Institute


“Assessing Korean Education”

Professor Bertram Chip Bruce

Department of Library & Information Science

University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

“Korean Media in Comparative Perspective”

Robert W. McChesney

Gutgsell Endowed Professor in the Department of Communication

University of Illinois


Looking at Free Trade and Korea’s Position  in a Globalized World

Mark Kingwell

Professor at Department of Philosophy

University of Toronto


“Populism in Korea”

Benjamin R. Barber

Senior Research Scholar

The Graduate Center
The City University of New York


“The Future of Voice Recognition”

Mark Hasegawa-Johnson

Professor at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign


An Indian Perspective on the Korean Peninsula

Vyjayanti Raghavan

Associate Professor, Centre for Japanese, Korean and Northeast Asian Studies

Jawaharlal Nehru University, India


“Position of SMEs in Korea and in the World”

NR. Narayana Murthy

Founder and Chairman Emeritus, Infosys Technologies Pvt Ltd., India


The Outsider in Korean Politics

Gregg A. Brazinsky

Associate Professor of History and International Affairs, George Washington University


Korean Social Welfare in Comparative Perspective

Eckhard Schroeter

Professor and Chair of Public Administration, Zeppelin Universität, Germany


“The Real Issues on the Korean Peninsula”

Larry Wilkerson

Pamela C. Harriman Professor of Government and Public Policy


“The Challenges of Korean Education in Historical Perspective”

Michael Seth

Professor at the Department of History, James Madison University


“The Crisis in Education in Korea and the World”

Peter Hershock

Director, Asian Studies Development Program

East-West Center, University of Hawaii, Manoa


“The Challenges and Opportunities in Korean Education”

Regina Murphy

Senior Lecturer at the Education Department

St. Patrick’s College, Dublin City University, Ireland



The Frankenstein Alliance

Emanuel Pastreich


Daejeon: Environmental Capital of Asia

Jung Hoon Han & Emanuel Pastreich


Wenchuan as Eco-City

John Feffer & Emanuel Pastreich


The Language of Climate Change

Emanuel Pastriech


The Eco-Currency: A Proposal

Emanuel Pastreich


“The Seoul Nuclear Security Summit: New Thinking in Northeast Asia?”

Markku Heiskanen & James Goodby


To Take the Lead Globally Korea must build the Ferrari of Hand-held Devices

Emanuel Pastreich


Korea as Number One in the Robot Revolution

Emanuel Pastreich


“The Fukushima Disaster Opens New Prospects for Cooperation in Northeast Asia”

Markku Heiskanen & James Goodby


“Take Naver Global Today!”

Emanuel Pastreich


“Is the United States a threat even if it is just minding its own business?”

Emanuel Pastreich


After Kimchi and Winter Sonata: The Intellectual Korean Wave

Emanuel Pastreich


Key Factors for the Future Success of Scientific Research Institutes

Emanuel Pastreich


Korean Technology Beyond Motherboards and Displays

Emanuel Pastreich

Next president of KAIST should be a woman

Emanuel Pastreich


Red Alert: Korean Language Instruction in the United States

Emanuel Pastreich


“The Importance of Women for the Future of Korea”

Emanuel Pastreich


Korea’s tradition of propriety: Godsend for network age

Emanuel Pastreich


Raise Expectations of Korean Language Competency in International Students

Emanuel Pastreich


“Is the World Really Becoming Smaller?”

Emanuel Pastreich


The Seoul Nuclear Security Summit: New Thinking in Northeast Asia?” 

James E. Goodby

Markku Heiskanen


“Every Practitioner of International Relations Should Major in Literature”

Emanuel Pastreich


“Fifteen Steps to address the environmental crisis: Things you have already thought about!”

Emanuel Pastreich


“How can you have a democracy if you do not know even who your neighbor is?”

Emanuel Pastreich


From Pacific Pivot to Green Revolution

John Feffer

Emanuel Pastreich


“Wise Words of Confucius on Shifts in Institutions”

Emanuel Pastreich


“The Moral Equivalent of War: Joining with our Chinese Neighbors to Stop the Spread of Deserts in Northeast Asia”

Kwon Byong Hyun


Moving beyond Militarization: Northeast Asia needs collective security, not conflict

Honda Hirokuni



Approaches to International Collaboration in Korean Biotechnology: Section 6&7”

Commissioned by the Korea Research Institute for Bioscience and Biotechnology

A Survey of the Nuclear Safety Infrastructure in Southeast Asia and Prospects for the Future

Commissioned by the Korea Institute for Nuclear Safety

Need for Convergence Technology Tools for Assessment of Toxicological Implications of Ionizing Radiation

Vince Rubino


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