2013 GCF YOUTH CLIMATE SUMMIT for High School Students


July 12-14, 2013

Songdo Global Campus

Songdo International City, Korea


. Introduction

The historic decision to locate the Green Climate Fund in Songdo International City in the Republic of Korea presents a remarkable opportunity to discuss the significance of significance of this commitment on the part of the international community to address environmental issues. The Asia Institute and HOBY (Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership) Korea present an unprecedented youth climate summit that brings together the most capable and passionate high school students to debate thoughtfully the future of the environment, the significance of the Green Climate Fund and the role that youth can play, starting today, to address climate issues. The 2013 GCF Youth Climate Summit brings two Harvard Professors together with Professors from Seoul National University and Kyung Hee University for a challenging and inspiring set of exercises, lectures and debates about climate issues and the role of youth that will inspire and prepare the next generation.


The GCF Youth Climate Summit consists of the following activities:


1. Lectures

Invited lectures by outstanding experts on environmental and policy issues, culture and climate, leadership, personal development, and inspirational volunteerism that provide students with an extraordinary opportunity for direct interaction.


2. Leadership Dynamics

A series of activities, simulations and games designed to forge close relations between students and encourage leadership skills among participants.


3. Responding to Real Issues

The symposium demands that participating youth wrestle with actual issues and current policy challenges, working closely together with each other and representatives from international NGOs and the United Nations Environment Programme.


4. Additional activities

Youth will have the unique opportunity to engage in intense group discussions with other outstanding young people from around the world and to compete through presentations and other applied exercises.


. Speakers


Confirmed Speakers:


● Marc Shell, Professor of Literature, Harvard University & Associate of Harvard Center for the Environment

● Michael Puett, Professor of Chinese History, Harvard University

● Johannes Maximilian Tschapka, Professor of Geography Education, Seoul National University

● Emanuel Pastreich, Director of the Asia Institute & Professor of International Studies, Kyung Hee University


For more see click here at the Asia Institute

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