Monumenta Nipponica Review by Peter Flueckiger

The March 2013 edition of Monumenta Nipponica includes a review of my book The Observable Mundane: Vernacular Chinese and the Emergence f a Literary Discourse on Popular Narrative in Edo Japan (Seoul National University Press) by Peter Flueckiger of Pomona College. I think the review is quite thoughtful and points out the  major problematic in my study of the status of Chinese vernacular narrative within the intellectual discourse of the Edo period.

the observable mundane (1)

MN review of Pastreich’s Visible Mundane Flueckiger

One response to “Monumenta Nipponica Review by Peter Flueckiger

  1. James Kawakami March 31, 2013 at 11:42 pm

    Dear Emanuel,

    Interesting review!

    If possible, like to see how you respond to the review, especially regarding your interpretation regarding the critic’s simplistic explanation. Just because someone wrote in ancient Chinese, does it mean that others could not read his writings?


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