Can those missiles in Tokyo shoot down ultrafine particles?

We learned today that Tokyo has deployed  missiles in front of the ministry of defense. I hope they will be effective at shooting down the micro-particles and dust blowing over from Northern China that are becoming an increasingly large health risk for the entire region!


“Japan deploys missiles over N Korea threat” (Reuters News)

Japan has deployed Patriot missiles in its capital as it readies to defend the 30 million people who live in greater Tokyo
from any North Korean attack, officials have said.

Two Patriot Advanced Capability-3 surface-to-air missile launchers were stationed at the defence ministry in Tokyo before dawn, a ministry spokesman said on Monday.



“Ultrafine Particle Pollution Reaches Dangerous Levels” (Chosun News)

The concentration of ultrafine particles in the air has reached levels detrimental to human health in recent years,

with Seoul more than double those in other major cities around the world.



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