“PYONGYANG’S SELF-CONFIDENCE IS INCREASING” by Asia Institute’s senior associate Markku Heiskanen

The Asia Institute’s senior associate Markku Heiskanen spoke with Finland’s leading journal Suomen Kuvalehti  about his insights into the current Korean crisis.



Interview with Markku Heiskanen

Senior Associate

The Asia Institute in Finland’s leading journal

Suomen Kuvalehti

March 15, 2013.


“Sanctions lead nowhere,” says North Korea expert Markku Heiskanen

By Susan Heikkinen

Suomen Kuvalehti

“North Korea abrogated the Armistice Agreement of 1953 with South Korea this time. How serious is this crisis?”

Markku Heiskanen

“The rhetoric North Korea is using is in line with what we have seen already for years and decades. This crisis is not terribly serious at the moment, but there is a difference of degree compared with previous ones. The further North Korea’s nuclear and rocket programs advance, the more self-confidence it will have and the more it will flex its muscles.”


Full text


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