The new global order: “United States of Frenemies”

 The new global order: “United States of Frenemies” 

I would like to suggest that one of the ultimate results of the internet is a weird interaction between different political ideological groups. One could go as far as to say that this is the “age of playing footsie” in a political sense. Some people would call that conspiracy, but conspiracy is not really the right term for it. And that makes people think that the challenge is ethical, when it is in fact primarily technological: because the technology exists, and no one polices the space and says, “hey, you can’t talk that person!” it is natural that human events will evolve in unexpected ways. It is a new political mandate, a new civil society, that has come out of nowhere while we were text messaging.  Or perhaps we could say that without knowing what we were doing, we have written a constitution and founded a new “United States of Frenemies.” Most importantly, technology will make this state of affairs increasingly bizarre in the years to come, leading to configurations that truly make no sense. In fact already they do not make sense.

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