GREEN YOUTH SUMMIT 2013 Friday, July 19th – Sunday, July 21st 2013


       Friday, July 19th – Sunday, July 21st  2013


 Cheongshim International Youth Center

            Open to: Students (9th ~ 12th Grade) with a strong interest in environmental issues

The Green Youth Summit 2013 brings together outstanding students from around the world to discuss the future of the environment, and to debate how the youth can proactively lead our society in reshaping our civilization and assuring a sustainable future for everyone in this single planet.

Over the course of this program, for 3 days and 2 nights, participants will have the opportunity to attend lectures by outstanding scholars from Harvard, SNU and Kyung Hee University.

The Green Youth Summit gives global-minded youth a chance to achieve their dreams of working as innovative leaders in thought and pioneers in action to address environmental issues while increasing their practical knowledge of environmental challenges. Throughout the three day program students explore new ways to conceive of global issues and learn about their own limits and undiscovered talents. Outstanding creativity and commitment is essential in this program. This program demands thoughtful engagement, careful planning and imaginative cooperation between the outstanding youth who are involved and will serve as a critical first step towards a future as a global leader.



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