Encouraging signs in the lavatories of the Seoul Metro

If there is one thing that is truly amazing, it is how well maintained and clean the public  lavatories in the Seoul Metro are. There is an inspiring dedication to service here that I do not think I have seen elsewhere. I took the liberty of photographing this text which aims to inspire worker and user alike to take pride in daily experience.




One response to “Encouraging signs in the lavatories of the Seoul Metro

  1. Craig July 26, 2013 at 6:09 am

    Yes. I’ve noticed this, too. While not spectacularly well-maintained, they’re the best public toilets I’ve seen in all of Korea, from Pusan to Suwon to Mapo. This regularly stuns me. 1) Why are the others so poor, and 2) How does the Metro organization so reliably keep these toilets so clean, tidy, and well-maintained? That’s a great mystery.

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