“Seoul as a Mecca for the Creative Class in the 21st Century” (September 14, 2013)



10 Magazine Book Club

Hosted by Barry Welsh

Saturday, September 14th 2013


Emanuel Pastreich

professor at Kyunghee University and director of the Asia Institute


Ogan Gurel

A director at the Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology

A visiting professor at SKKU’s Advanced Institute for Health Sciences and Technology,

“A Florence for the New Renaissance:

Seoul as a Mecca for the Creative Class in the 21st Century”

“It was not that long ago that the only internationals you would find wandering around Seoul were missionaries, English teachers and GIs. But that has changed radically over the last few years, with the best and brightest of the creative class flocking to Seoul as the new-found cluster for culture, business, technology and education. What is it about Seoul that makes is a leading contender for the global city, like Florence at the dawn of the Renaissance? What are the blue oceans for internationals looking for unique opportunities? How does Seoul stack up against Singapore, Seoul, Shanghai and Hong Kong? This talk will engage an informed and motivated audience in a frank and inspiring discussion about the true potential for Seoul and what we need to do to make Seoul realize its full potential.”

The second half of the session will be a question and answer session with the audience in which we can ask both guests about their work and experiences of Korea.

Date: Saturday, September 14th.
날짜 : 09월 14일
Time: 2pm to 4pm.
시간: 오후 2시
Admission fee: 5,000won (students enter free)
Place: Haechi Hall in Seoul Global Culture & Tourism Center
(5th Floor M Plaza in Myeong-dong)

(Call Barry on 010 5138 8859 if you get lost or can’t find it and I will come meet you at exit 6 Myeong-dong station.)


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