Seoul Decadence


I have been extremely positive in my assessment of Seoul’s potential, But I do not want anyone to think I am blind to problems in this remarkable city. I am deeply disturbed by the inroads in Seoul of the global decadence that is destroying many cultures around the world.

In particular the blatant degrading of women in the media into objects of consumption and the emergence of pornographic advertisement is worrisome. At the most basic level, humans cease to be humans. Young women in cities like Seoul who are exposed to such destructive images are let to think that somehow they must conform to this grotesque model, that sexuality must be part of their identify and that the gaze of others is of the utmost importance.

This particular scene at Nonhyeonjin Station in Gangnam featuring a Caucasian model is typical. The situation is made worse by the fact that you cannot escape the image. Just as you cannot set up Youtube to block out violent and pornographic videos without blocking out essentially everything.



In addition, the incredible waste of electricity is of great concern. What is the point of such use of video–as if to say the use of energy is irrelevant.


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