Emanuel interviewed on Arirang’s “The Inner View”




Focus: Emanuel Pastreich

In five installments on Youtube:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Arirang TV Description:

Emanuel Pastreich, who obtained his doctorate at Harvard University, views Korea differently from most people. While Koreans are busy promoting their culture through the Korean wave, or Hallyu, and K-pop, he advocates that we should focus more on the deeply rooted traditions such as the traditional practices related to Chuseok, one of Korea’s most important holidays. He also argues that we should develop the rural areas, which have preserved some of these traditions, to attract foreign tourists because their natural scenic landscape can be compared to Provence in France.

Emanuel has another name, Lee Man-yeol, which was given to him by his father-in-law. It resembles his actual name in its sound, but has a different meaning – ‘a man of many passions.’ He is indeed a very passionate person. While others praised Korea on the conspicuous achievements, he spoke about the beauty of Korea that was yet to be discovered by the global community by looking beneath the surface. He studied the traditions and history of Korea, based on which he attempted to provide solutions for Korea’s future.

“Korea can create a better future for itself by incorporating the administrative system of the Joseon period.”

Everything seems to be evolving very quickly these days, with the traces of the past diminishing just as fast. Emanuel Pastreich says that it is in these times, we need to look to the past to seek solutions for the future.

It has only been 7 years since he set foot on Korean soil, and it hasn’t been easy, adapting to a society that’s different from his home country in many aspects. But on the other hand, coming from a different ethnic and cultural background, he can offer a fresh perspective on various sides of Korea from an objective point of view.


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