The Asia Institute Newsletter (March-October 2014)

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The Asia Institute Newsletter

March-October 2014




Asia Institute Seminar with John Feffer, Director of Foreign Policy in Focus (Asia Institute senior associate) and Emanuel Pastreich (Director, the Asia Institute)

“Climate change and the future of East Asia: First steps towards a new civilization”

October 30, 2014

This seminar was moderated by Jimin Kim, a high  school student from Gangnam Internatioanl School and intern at Asia Institute and Zhao Xinyue, staff member of the Asia Institute’s China program and a graduate student, was respondent. The seminar was an honest discussion of what needs to be done to respond to climate change in terms of culture and policy. The event featured an open discussion with an audience consisting of many young people.


Asia Institute seminar with Stephen Costello, Producer at Asia East Policy Roundtable

“South Korea’s Role in Northeast Asia”

23 June 2014


Stephen Costello gave a thoughtful assessment of contemporary Asian policy in Washington D.C.  and the potential for Korea to play a larger role.


The Asia Institute in Korea TAIK

27, September, 2014

Students and Researchers give short presentations on their ideas for our group.

Gabriel Pettyjohn- The Asia Institute Researcher

 “Cosmopolitan Citizenship …… And, Thinking””.


Kylie Youk – Korea International School

“The Blending Process”


Chanwoo Oh –Korea International School

“How To Breathe”


Sam Choi–Hanyoung Foreign Language High School

”Love Is Love”


Joon Baek –Daewon Foreign Language High School

“”Science and Disability – A Holistic Approach””


Jaehyun Park- Korea International School

“Overcoming Glossophobia”


Jimin Kim – Gangnam International School

”Confucius: Am I right?”


The Asia Institute Internships Opening Ceremony

June 6, 2014 at Kyunghee University

A discussion about contemporary international affairs and the role of youth aimed at our incoming group of student interns.

Emanuel Pastreich

“The Vision of The Asia Institute”


Asia Institute Seminar with Dr. Ahn Cholsoo, National Assembly Member

“Prospects for Youth in a changing world”

September 3, 2014


Seminar at China, Japan Korea Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat

Emanuel Pastreich

“Prospects for CJK Cooperation”

August 6, 2014


Discussion with members of the Young Ambassador Program, a group of fifteen outstanding youth from China, Japan and Korea with a deep commitment to improving relations between the nations, about prospects for cooperation in the region.


The Asia Institute & United States Embassy in Seoul

”American Studies and Me”

August 26-28, 2014  


The Asia Institute and the U.S. Embassy in Seoul hosted 40 Korean university students for a series of seminars on the American political system, economy, society, culture and the arts led by diplomats, professors and other stakeholders in the American community.


The Asia Institute

Small Seminar Series on Education

A series of four seminars for high schools students on issues in contemporary education

April-June, 2014


Asia Institute Seminar

”A Dream of True Collaboration for Korea and Africa”

Friday, June 27, 2014


Haggai Kennedy Ochieng (Kenya)

Ph.D. candidate at Kyung Hee University

Joa Lee (Korea)

International Program Coordinator Kyung Hee University


Asia Institute and Arirang Institute Seminar

“Looking at Reunification through a Range Finder”

April 9, 2014   

The Asia Institute and the Arirang Institute teamed up for a seminar on the larger security implications of a possible reunion of the Korean Peninsula with a group of military experts.


General Chun In-Bum, Commander, Special Warfare Command, ROK Army

Dr. Daniel Pinkston, Deputy Project Director, North East Asia, International Crisis Group

Commander Bryan Port, Command Senior Advisor, Strategic Communications, United States Forces Korea

Dr. Tak Sung-Han, Head of North Korean Research, Korea Institute for Defense Analyses

Moderator:, Emanuel Pastreich, Director, Asia Institute


March 26, 2014

Asia Institute Seminar in Washington D.C.

(in cooperation with Foreign Policy in Focus)

“United States Re-Balancing in East Asia: A Hundred Year Plan”

At the Institute for Policy Studies


At a moment when the United States government hops up and down frantically every time North Korea launches a missile, a group of concerned individuals in policy gathered together on March 26, 2014 for a discussion of what a hundred-year commitment to East Asia would look like and how the United States can respond in a meaningful manner to such challenges as climate change together with China, Japan and Korea. The event, hosted by Foreign Policy in Focus and the Asia Institute, brought together author John Feffer, Lawrence Wilkerson, former Secretary of State Colin Powell’s chief of staff, Alexis Dudden, Professor of History at the University of Connecticut and Daniel Garrett, former diplomat and current Senior Associate at the Asia Institute. 



Seminar with Mayor Park Won-Soon & Director Emanuel Pastreich

“Made In Seoul”

February 26, 2014

Citizen’s Hall

Seoul City Hall


English Language Publications


Emanuel Pastreich


JoongAng Daily

“To Regulate or Deregulate”

October 13, 2014


“East Asia: A Farewell to Arms”

Foreign Policy in Focus

(with John Feffer)

September 25, 2014


“Looking ahead 100 years for Seoul”

JoongAng Daily

September 23, 2014


“Stop commercializing women”

Joongang Daily

September 1, 2014


“Toward a politics of habit”

JoongAng Daily

August 11, 2014


“Giving a history to Korean science”

JoongAng Daily

July 14, 2014


“A Test of American Leadership”

JoongAng Daily

July 7, 2014


“New role for America”

Joongang Daily

June 25, 2014


“Throw-away Republic of Korea”

JoongAng Daily

June 9, 2014


“The Professor’s Role”

Joongang Daily
May 12, 2014


“America’s Homegrown Terror”

Foreign Policy in Focus

April 7, 2014

(With John Feffer)


John Feffer (senior associate)


“Hong Kong: The Future of People Power?”

Foreign Policy in Focus

Oct 9, 2014


“Obama’s Half-Pivot to Asia”

Foreign Policy in Focus

May 1, 2014


“World Cuts Back Military Spending, but not Asia”

Inter Press Service

April 21, 2014


“Is China’s Rise Still Peaceful?”

The Hankyoreh

Jun 23, 2014


“Deserts vs. Development in China”

Global Post

June 16, 2014


Daniel Garrett (senior associate)

“Twelve Simple Propositions: Climate Change and the Asia Pivot”


March 26, 2014





“글자크기 글자 크게글자 작게”


2014년 11월  1일



“규제 엄격해진다고 자유 잃는 건 아니다”

2014년 10월 11일



Chindia Plus

“한·중 전통의 현재적 가치

서방 추종 아닌 전통에서혁신 모델 찾아야”

2014년 10월 1일



“100년을 내다보고 자치제 계획하라”

2014년 9월 20일



여성의 상품화는 이제 그만

2014년 8월 30일


‘정책의 정치’에서 ‘습관의 정치’로

2014년 8월 9일



새 가치관 세우는 것이 진짜 입시 개혁 출발점

2014년 7월 22일



한강의 기적: 그 이면의 역사를 알리자

2014년 7월 12일



글로벌 거버넌스의 플랫홈의 시작 ‘페이스북

2014년 7월 3일



일회용의 대한민국

2014년 6월 3일



섬을 둘러싼 ‘中日 분쟁’의 역사적 고찰

2014년 5월 30일



“진정한 교수의 역할이 무엇일까”

2014년 4월 29일



“미국의 동아시아 재균형”

2014 4 27



어느 ‘아프리카계 한국인’의 비애

2014년 4월 1일






2014年 7月 25日



Circles and Squares

2014 6 12



Circles and Squares

2014年 1月 3日


“亚洲公敌: 气候变化”

Circles and Squares

2014年 1月 31日




エマンニュエル パストリッチ (所長)




2014年 10月 20日




2014年   8月  21日




2014年 08月 09日




2014年 07月 14日








2014年 04月 01日


本田浩邦  (研究) 







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