Emanuel’s talk on Korean and Chinese literature at Association for Asian Studies (Friday, March 27, 2015 @ Chicago)

Association for Asian Studies



10:45 AM – 12:45 PM

”Materiality and Writing: Circulation of Texts and Translingual Practices in Late Chosŏn”


Talk by Emanuel Pastreich


“Record of the Hanru Pavillion:” How an Alien Vernacular Invigorated a Korean indigenous Drama”


Organizer: | Jamie Jungmin Yoo (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences)

Panel Abstract:


This panel explores the literature of late Chosŏn in its material context, examining how physical aspects of the production and circulation of texts impacted the practice of writing and defined its social significance. Touching upon the collective community performances, the interplay between oral storytelling and its written vernacular, and the reception of Chinese poetic and linguistic canons, we will examine how transcultural contacts across borders and changing textual environments influenced intellectual discourse of the day.

We argue the flourishing of new literary modes and the critical awareness of cultural identity in late Chosŏn were facilitated through complex networks of social interactions and dynamic textual conditions.



(1) Emanuel Pastreich will discuss how the discourse on the vernacular Chinese in Kwanghallugi (廣寒樓記) overflowed into the literary analysis of indigenous Korean literature,

(2) Jamie Jungmin Yoo will examine the ways in which the literary criticism in Ch’ŏngbirok (淸脾錄) makes the poetic and linguistic practices of Wang Shizhen a part of the author’s own interpretation,

(3) Hwisang Cho will discuss how rural literati manipulated collective political texts to visualize and perform their political



(4) Si Nae Park will address the evolution of Tongp’aenaksong (東稗洛誦) narratives, with a focus on rhetorical style, plot, and characterization.


Having invited a discussant in comparative literature, we hope to spark a larger conversation about the cultural dynamics of writing in late Chosŏn and its relationship to cultural shifts throughout East Asia.

Area of Study: Korea

Discipline(s): Bibliography, History, Literature

One response to “Emanuel’s talk on Korean and Chinese literature at Association for Asian Studies (Friday, March 27, 2015 @ Chicago)

  1. Shin May 22, 2015 at 11:38 am

    Hello, are you aware of any new attempts at translating Guunmong into English? I know that there are already two English translations of it, but I am under the impression that both are severely lacking in different ways.

    Also, do you know of any other efforts to translate any major works of classical Korean literature into English?

    Thank you.

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