Scrawl on a bench near Chungmuro Station

I was waiting for the bus for an interminable amount of time today in front of the Asia Institute offices. When I had had enough, I happened to glance down at the bench and spotted this this short note scrawled on its surface.

It read:


“Although we believe that the troubles of today somehow will pass away, why is it that we do not want to believe that the happiness we are enjoying right now will also pass away like a dream?”

2014-12-23 17.27.24


The phrase struck me as particularly significant. A rip in the surface of things that forced me to think a bit about the tremendous depth of this daily life I toss away in my rush to create some better future.


One response to “Scrawl on a bench near Chungmuro Station

  1. debhavens December 23, 2014 at 12:47 pm

    Emanuel, I love this post. It speaks to me directly as I’ve entertained this thought off and on over the last few days especially – I’m now involved in so many boards, projects, emails, and activities – I love it all, AND I forgot that for a while I would wake up consciously being grateful for the simple act of opening my eyes on another day. Thank you for reminding me that I have created the life I lead and I’m so fortunate to have the opportunities I do to influence for the better not only my life but that of many others. At the same time, I’m deeply grateful for my health, wealth, and happiness of this moment, knowing it will not last. It’s bittersweet and not perfect – there are still so many things to do , people to love and support, the goals are never reachable, and there is so much to propel me to wake up daily for as long as possible! A great meditation at the end of this year and the start of 2015. Thanks, friend.

    Xx deb oo

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