Emanuel Pastreich on “The Problem with Think Tanks” interview with “Korea and the World”

“Climate change is not a fun party or something. And it is entirely unprecedented in human history. So it will require you to rethink everything. So if we have to be sacrificial lambs to say, “we are going to something that is unpopular.politically a mistake. Maybe we should have spent our time talking about North Korea’s nuclear program.” Well, that is the risk we will take.

Interview with “Korea and the World” about think tanks.

Think tanks have gained popularity worldwide for their role as policy advisers, and South Korea is no exception. Yet they provide research and advice to policy makers, critics have started to call into question their independence, integrity and usefulness. We spoke to one of these critics, Emanuel Pastreich, about the shortcomings and potential of think tanks.

Link to the interview:

“The Problem with Think Tanks” 

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