“Future Life with Pepper” @ Softbank

Japan faces an unprecedented collapse in its population and a rapidly aging society. Moreover, more and more Japanese find themselves living alone, often unmarried and without children. It is in this context that Softbank, launched a new domestic robot “Pepper” which is aimed as much as serving as a companion as it is as a tool.





In the following video, Pepper is shown serving as a cheerleader of sorts for various families. Most striking is the

lonely woman in the first scene who seeks comfort and affection from Pepper.


Pepper is above all a reminder that the combination of an aging, childless society with computer technology developing at an

exponential rate will produce some rather unusual social phenomena. Above all, we are reminded that the future is not that far away at

all. Like climate change, it is already here with us right now.



Here is the video used in the ad:


“Future life with Pepper”



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