“Security and trade in Northeast Asia after the ‘Trump Doctrine’” (May 23)

Asia Institute Seminar

Monday, May 23, 7-9 PM

“Security and trade

in Northeast Asia after the ‘Trump Doctrine’”


Moderated by Emanuel Pastreich
Director, The Asia Institute

@ WCO Anguk (see map below)


Presidential Donald Trump had made a series of statements recently concerning the security architecture of Northeast Asia and trade policy that has caused increased uncertainty in Korea, China and Japan. He drew into question many of the underlying assumptions about the nature of the American role in Northeast Asia.

For a leading Republican candidate for president to make such statements in an election year will be interpreted as an indication of future American policy by people in the region. Whoever may end up president of the United States, the world has changed since Mr. Trump made those statements.

What can Korea, other nations in East Asia, and thoughtful policy makers in the United States do to present a new vision for Asia that recognizes that the world has changed, but does not promote isolationism, increase the proliferation of nuclear weapons, or radically limit the concept of trade?


WCO Anguk




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