Korean Environment Seminar Series

The Korean Federation of Environmental Movements


The Asia Institute


June 26 (Sunday)

5-7 PM

“The nuclear question in Korea and in Northeast Asia”

Discussion led by Hyejeong Kim


Nuclear Safety and Security Commission




This series of seminars introduces critical issues for the environment in Korea and in East Asia for all concerned citizens. Korea is increasingly benchmarked by developing nations so that its policies and standards for environmental protection have far broader impact throughout the region. Moreover, environmental regulations have been much relaxed over the last decade with grave impact on air quality and water quality.

Seminars start with a short introduction of the topic followed by an open discussion. Interpretation for English and Korean will be available.


Please RSVP if you wish to attend the seminar series to:  alahan@kfem.or.kr.


Also, high school and college students can receive a special certificate of completion and recommendation if they attend all the seminars and write up a short paper.


Time:  5-7 PM


Location:  KFEM (Korean Federation of Environmental Movements) Headquarters


Hoehwa Namu Café (next to Food Coop)

환경운동연합 까페 회화나무

서울특별시 종로구 필운대로 23 환경운동연합

23 Pilun daero Jongro-gu Seoul




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