Invitation to join the Asia Institute

Please join the Asia Institute as a member (student, regular, life) or institutional sponsor. We need your support for our programs and with your support we will expand what we do at Asia Institute until what is already one of most innovative and rigorous think tanks in Asia becomes the most visible.


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Nine years ago we founded the Asia Institute and decided to on the intersection of three critical issues; 1) the rapid evolution of technology; 2) the crisis of climate change; 3) the unprecedented changes in the nature of international relations. Recent developments suggest that our approach has been correct and our seminars, reports and articles have provided a wealth of invaluable material for the general public.

We need your support so that we can continue to be the only think tank out there that addresses the real issues of our age.


Student membership (elementary, middle, high school & undergraduate) 5,000 Won/month


Regular membership: 10,000 Won/month


Lifetime membership: 1 million Won


Institutional sponsorship, or special contributions (please contact us directly for a meeting)


Registration page


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