What exactly is the crime of the New York Times?

The New York Times is one of the most misleading journals in the world. The New York Times promotes a dishonest neoliberal tale of human affairs aimed at educated readers throughout the United States. They use a very sophisticated approach to journalism in which they employ a vague literary language that flatters the reader by making him or her feel that he is sophisticated because he or she follows its allusions to a shared elite cultural tradition. At the same time, the New York Times presents extremely misleading, or outright dishonest narratives about domestic or foreign policy that sound like they are sophisticated, sympathetic and infinitely progressive in a practical sense. Moreover, the New York Times employs complex algorithms to determine just how much critical journalism they must mix in with the fodder provided by political consulting firms and corporate PR representatives in order to fool the reader into believing that they are actually reading news.

There are very reliable algorithms that allow you to judge just how much solid reporting you have to add in order to get the educated reader to swallow a load of reactionary and self-interested crap. The global media makes wide use of such algorithms, although this process is never discussed.

This process defines the income-generating business of the New York Times. The newspaper takes the agenda dictated by corporations and adds a bit of liberal content to make it more palatable, then feeds it to the readership of lawyers, businessmen, government officials and professors to convince them that totally irrational and reactionary policies are somehow normal.

The sale of newspapers is far less important. You could say the New York times is a public relations company. I do not think it represents the government. The government is as good or bad as the people it is made up of.

2 responses to “What exactly is the crime of the New York Times?

  1. justin June 13, 2016 at 4:15 am

    This is an interesting theory but can you provide any documentation or reports of these algorithms or processes? Without evidence, it’s hard to read this claim as anything but conspiracy convenient with your political ideology.

    • Emanuel Pastreich June 13, 2016 at 12:36 pm


      Thanks for the thoughtful comment. Of course there is no open information concerning the use of algorithms to determine how much spin you can fit into an article, but that does not mean it will not eventually come out. Just like many other conspiracies from the 1950s and 1960s poo pooed by “experts” for a generation that in most cases later declassified documents and leaked documents demonstrated that that the situation was that bad,or worse. Nixon’s treasonous act of undermining peace negotiations with North Vietnam i a classic example. Plenty of people argued that such speculation was unfounded and irresponsible, even that those who claimed to know about it were full of shit because they could not produce the official documents. But the fact is that at the time almost everyone in power knew what happened.

      Yes, so also my recent undocumented assertion that classified legislation “secret law” is being used to block all legal action against high ranking government officials, and other people with special privilege, and also is being used to block certain people from jobs and otherwise undermine the right to due process. No, I do not have the smoking gun here. But yes, everyone in Washington D.C. knows this is going on. And yes, Justin, we will eventually have all the documentation.

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