Electric fans in the subway

I am not bothered by Koreans lacking certain “Western” habits and I think that Korea is plenty sophisticated in its own way. But there is one thing about Korea that really bugs me: the complete lack of concern for the impact of our actions on the environment. Most notably, we have seen a great enthusiasm for small plastic fans that can be held in hand, or even powered by smart phones. They sell for just 9000 Won. But no one seems to think about the impact on the environment of that unnecessary use of plastics (petroleum) batteries and other materials. Or the waste of electricity (generated by nuclear power, natural gas, coal or petroleum) required. The bottom line is that you can use your own hands to power a fan. No need for an electric fan. Such actions are indulgent and thoughtless when we think about the impending doom of climate change.



classic hand-powered fan and wasteful electric  fan.

classic hand-powered fan and wasteful electric fan.

Electric fans for sale

Electric fans for sale

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