Food as skin products & Chocopie 코초파이

I do not know when it started, but all the cosmetics stores in Korea are filled with creams and cleansers for the skin that are made from foodstuffs. I find it one of the most bizarre trends. Somehow it would seem that if foodstuff is good for your skin, you could just make the lotions yourself.

food for skin?

food for skin?


But the recent release of Chocopie Hand Cream based on the world- famous Korean Chocopie cookie takes the cake. I assume these are aimed at Chinese tourists, but honestly I cannot imagine who would buy them.

Never thought that the Chocopie was good for much of anything healthy.

Take a look. Better yet, try one and let me know if it helped your skin problems.


Chocopie Hand Cream

Chocopie Hand Cream

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