Professors and teaching

As teachers we should be committed to conveying truth and

wisdom to our students. To give them facts to students and ask them to repeat them

is not teaching and it is not education.

You might say that a ritualistic approach to education is a disservice to

students because it suggests that there is no greater meaning to what they read and write than the numerical grade that they receive. In fact, we should teach in such a manner that it is clear to students that knowledge without

ethical commitment and action is like blood in the veins without a beating heart and breathing lungs.


Nowhere is this problem more evident than in the case of climate change.

I talk about climate change in all my classes to some degree and I am increasing forcing myself to bring the topic up with people I meet.

Although that requires a certain degree of bravery.

More than a little. Two people whom I gave my “Stop Climate Change” pins to

then proceeded to leave them behind on the table when they left–never having put them on.

But I wonder whether a teacher who never speaks of the ethical responsibilities of the student is playing a role as a teacher.


One response to “Professors and teaching

  1. Jiseon Lee October 21, 2016 at 12:50 pm

    Your point is so much important in our society. Thank you so much.

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