The bane of “shrimpism” in Korea

What does Korea have to do in this year of crisis and challenge? Well, of course we can go back to the joke about the elephant:

“What do you do if you are an elephant stuck in quicksand?”
“First, stop being an elephant!”
All too true, but perhaps before anything else Korea must move beyond “Saewooism” (saeuism 새우이즘), the belief that Korea is just a weak victim of the actions of other powers. The term is translated into English as “shrimpism.” Of course it is true that Korea is profoundly influenced by other powers’ decisions. But this fact is so obvious that there is no reason to mention it. Rather it is a good use of Korean’s time to come up with honest and brave proposals for what can be done together.

Here is a proposal for a new flag for “shrimpism”


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