For those who wish to understand the psychology of climate change denial and the process by which various interest groups conspire to suppress massive unpleasant truths, please read Issac Asimov’s 1941 classic “Nightfall.” The short story describes how the inhabitants try to suppress all discussion of an eclipse of all six suns that are visible from the planet. The eclipse creates complete chaos on the planet and the destruction of the civilization. But despite the efforts of one well-meaning figure, there is nothing that can be done to stop the denial, nor the eventual destruction.

‘My columns may have been a little rough,

but I gave you people the benefit of the

doubt every time. After all. This is
not the century to preach “The end of the
world is at hand” to Lagash. You have to
understand that people don’t believe the
Book of Revelations anymore, and it
annoys them to have scientists turn
about face and tell us the Cultists are right
after all — ‘

Isaac Asimov

You can read the full text at:


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