Buam-dong sticker for sale

My design for a sticker for my neighborhood Buam-dong (부암동) has been completed and is now available for 500 Won. Buam-dong is named for a cliff which was attributed with spiritual powers where those seeking help would paste magic spells written on paper. “Buam” meaning “a boulder on which paper has been pasted.”  The area was popular for excursions by the yangban from the 19th century and  the powerful politician Hongseun Daewongun 흥선대원군  built his residence here Seokpajeong (석파정). The logo can be interpreted as the meeting of Inwang Mountain and Bukgak Mountain, but there are several other locations where a similar valley is found in Buam-dong.


The final graphics were done by Kim Ki-do 김기도.




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