A Modern Romance of the Three Kingdoms

The great three-way battle after the end of the Han Dynasty for control of the realm under heaven in ancient China forms a  perfect parallel for the current geopolitical rivalry between the United States, Russia and China.

Back in the second century A.D. the states of  Wei, Shu and Wu competed with each other in an effort to unify China and establish their political authority.

In a previous age, there was some resistance to this analogy because the United States considered itself to be in a special class, but with the rise of Donald Trump, and the cultural degradation of the United States, the analogy is rather apt.

Here is my own analogy for the three states of ancient China. Tell me what you think.

Sun Quan (孫權) the King of the State of Wu (吴)


Is the equivalent of Donald Trump, Emperor of the United States


Liu Bei (劉備) King of the State of Shu ( 蜀)


Is the equivalent of Xi Jinping, Emperor of China


Cao Cao (曹操) King of the State of Wei 魏


Is the equivalent of Vladimir Putin, Emperor  of Russia



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