Institutional decay in the United States

If you are trying to understand the significance of the recent firing of the FBI director James Comey by President Donald Trump,  and the related political games taking place in Washington D.C., you would be better off reading through Thomas Piketty’s book Capital in the Twenty-First Century and staying away from the sensationalist and unenlightened reports in the mainstream press. This unbelievable conflict is a product of the complete degradation of the government institutions in the United States, which no longer serve as legitimate institutions dedicated  to service or country, but rather function like mercenary armies for the wealthy. Some of those super-rich may have good ideas, but the trend is clear and negative.

The problem is that Trump and his billionaire friends view the government with complete contempt. So great has the gap in wealth in the United States that government can no longer serve its purpose and cannot take any action whatsoever against one the rich elite. The super rich have become an untouchable ruling gentry. Piketty suggests that disparity in wealth will reach such a serious degree that society is torn apart and we see here that one must be aligned now with a billionaire have any political standing.  The entire Federal government, perhaps, is falling apart not just because of the incompetence of its employee but rather because of its inability to compete with wealth and power of the billionaires–they are now trying to develop the next generation of cartels. The media increasingly takes a courtier mentality in approaching Trump, Kushner, Gates or Buffett. Treating them as enlightened souls because of their class status.

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