Forced to embrace elements of Christian eschatology against my will!

There are two critical parts of Christian eschatology that I have been forced to accept, against my own will, over the last two decades.

First Christian eschatology assumes a moment of creation, a single instant in which the entire universe was created from nothing. I never liked this idea, and I preferred the more logical Buddhist concept of an eternal universe that is stable and cyclical. But the big bang theory, which holds that there was a single moment of creation, has become the dominant explanation for what we observe to day, and so completely upheld by observations that there really are no challenging theories.

The second assumption of the Christians is that there is an apocalypse, a moment when the world is destroyed and everyone is killed. The Christians suggest that the apocalypse is a result of our sins.

This idea also did not sit well with me. After all, humans have done terrible things to each other for thousands of years and God has never been able to completely wipe out humanity. Certainly what disasters have happened were not the result of our sins.

But that was before it became clear that radical climate change is our future, and it may well wipe us all out. I do not assume that those of faith will survive, but I am certain that climate change is a result of our sins, in a sense all of our sins, although some bear immense responsibly and others much less. The more aware I am made by shifting weather patterns of the final stages of climate change, the more I am certain that the apocalypse is upon us.

I do not, however, have much confidence that anyone will be saved by faith, however.



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