“On Grief and Climate Change”

Stephen Jenkinson gives a profound talk about climate change that suggests something beyond self-hatred and self-deception.


I found it extremely useful.


I was also very frustrated by the manner in which Josh Fox suggests in his movie


How to Let Go of the World and Love All The Things Climate Can’t Change


that there is a philosophical way of finding something, some love, in underlying moral principles beneath the overwhelming present moment. But he does not ultimately present any that are convincing to me.


Jenkinson, however, makes some very thoughtful remarks, reminding us that at this stage the question is spiritual, not simply technical.


He makes quite a few striking statements. Here are a few


“not one organism needs humans”



The EArth has its own logic and order to it, and creatures will return to the Earth long after we are gone. We are but a passing phase and our greatest flaw is our assumption that somehow we are unique as creatures.

“the enemy of grief is hope”


Jenkinson suggests. like Clive Hamilton, that the idea of hope keeps us from being aware of the present and grieving for our experience in an honest manner.


“hope is inherently intolerant of the present. We must be hope-free”





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