Call for a Global response to the oil spill in the East China Sea

Call for a Global response to the oil spill in the East China Sea


The oil spill in the East China Sea is evolving into one of the greatest ecological disasters ever to hit East Asia, and it will destroy much of the fragile ocean ecosystem that we so depend on over the next year. This is happening at a time when we are distracted by North Korea and the decay of government, media and other institutions that we previously counted on to respond to this sort of a crisis. We must quickly reinvent citizenship, Earth Citizenship, and reinvent government, real government, to respond to this crisis. It is also an opportunity for the United States to do something that is actually helpful in the region.

We must immediately draft a long-term plan for a global response to this catastrophe which will engage people at all levels of society in Korea, China, Japan the United States and Southeast Asia so that we can create a team to investigate the crisis according to the scientific method and put forth a long-term strategy for first rebuilding the ecosystem, warning citizens of the region of the dangers and helping those whose careers are destroyed. Working with scientists and other experts we will come up with a long-term system to respond and finally lay down clearly that we will move beyond oil and conquer our addiction to fossil fuels in a short period of 2-5 years. We must also change our culture and our habits so that we move beyond consumption and growth and embrace meaningful lives based on the search for truth and to promote cooperation between citizens of the community at the local, national and global levels.

Finally, we must admit that the expensive hardware that the militaries of the region have procured are useless in addressing this crisis. We must decisively redefine “security” for our time, move beyond the limited and confrontational concept of “alliance” and embrace the United Nations charter once again as we move to transform our militaries into transparent and effective parts of society which respond to the ecological crisis, above all, to climate change.

The Earth Management Institute and the Asia Institute invites all concerned citizens of the world to join us in this effort.




Please contact:


Emanuel Pastreich


The Earth Management Institute

(Director of the Asia Institute)



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