The Washington Post is pornography

“How To Deprive Mainstream Media Of Revenue And Get Around Their Paywalls”



This article opens with this great line”

“Some people use private browsing to watch porn. I use it to read the Washington Post. And I probably feel a lot dirtier afterward.”

The author then explains how to get around firewalls walls and browse for free.


But although the article is quite helpful, it fails to take head on the primary issue.


The Washington Post is a form of pornography: a cultural and intellectual form of pornography that allows the educated American who has the means to analyze the current developments in the country and engage in real political action to rather indulge in fantasies of being somehow engaged in thoughtful discourse on society, when he or she is rather trapped in the worst form of narcissism and consumerism. This intellectual porn encourages profound denial and renders the educated classes just powerless consumers who can do nothing but shop and satisfy their impulses. The cult of the self becomes the only form of political action.





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