Peace March against cultural violence towards women (Monday, April 23)

Peace March against cultural violence towards women

The Korea Peace Movement


The Asia Institute

Date:  Monday, April 23

Time: 10-11 AM




Place: Meet at exit 5 of Apgujeong Station at 10 AM


The time has come to say “no” to the demeaning culture of consumption and appearances that does so much violence to women in a spiritual and psychological sense.

We will then take a tour of the advertisements posted in the Apgujeong Station that degrade and commercialize women and discuss the impact on our society of the disturbing and demeaning consumerism that makes women into objects for consumption. Members of the group will deliver short speeches discussing the manner in which women have been turned into commodities in modern culture and we will discuss the nature of the plastic surgery industry that promotes such thinking and which drives the economy of this region of Seoul.


Poem readings by

Lee Eun-sim


Maija Rhee Devine



Please do join us



Emanuel Pastreich


The Asia Institute


Lakhvinder Singh


Korean Peace Movement








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